My secrets to winter glowing skin!

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Some of my hydrating heroes!

Winter conditions can be very harsh for your skin! The fridget and blistery wheather outside and the warm dry air in our houses make your skin adapt to the climate continuously. Chapped lips, red dry spots on your cheeks, red nose how can we avoid these inconveniences?

I give you some saviours which will change your skin from drab to fab!

A. Little changes to your skincareroutine

Switch to non-foaming cleansers

Foaming cleansers are more drying than non-foaming cleansers. Try an oil cleanse or a cream cleanse or a gel cleanse, but really avoid bubbles!

Use hydrating toners and hydrating serums

Maybe you were using an acid toner, well switch to a toner having main scope hydration! The same for serums! Look in the ingrediënt list and search for hyaluronic acid.

Try a heavier moisturizer

Avoid gels and lotions as they contain more preservatives and alcohols that may dry out your skin. Search for a moisturizer cream which has a positive effect on the skin barrier. If you don’t want to change moisturizer because it’s your holy grail than another option may be add some drops of a hydrating face oil to your own moisturizer!

Use an overnight hydrating mask

These days you find lots of brands making overnight sleeping masks which you can put after your PM skincare routine and leave on during nighttime.

In this way all the beneficial ingrediënts have all night time to work their way into your skin leaving you in the morning as plumped and hydrated as a baby!

Layer your skincare products

Now is the time to abandon your cleanser/one product routine for a decent layering routine. The minimum you should strive to during winter is: cleanse – tone – (exfoliate )- treat – moisture-spf. Try to exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week or use a gentle exfoliator like lactic acid on a daily basis.
If you build up several layers of care, your skin remains protected during a longer period.

Use a lipbalm

Lips being the most delicate part of your face, suffer the most from freaky weather! So don’t give winter the chance to ruin your beautifully plumped lips and use a good lipbalm!

A good lipbalm avoids nasty ingrediënts and uses or plant based oils if vegan, or bees wax or lanolin (wool wax). You can put the lipbalm also onto flaky spots on your face to give them extra protection!

Don’t overuse, you might get the opposite result than what you are aiming for!

B. Drink enough water

Not only does your skin needs to be hydrated from the outside, above all it needs its hydration from the inside. So please drink enough water or herbal infusions.

C. Avoid long exposure to hot water

Contradictionary a long hot bath isn’t very good for our skin! Even if we think we might need it when we come home from a long cold day! Actually the hot water leaches out all the water-soluable moisturing factors out of our skin, when you remain during a long time soaking in your bathtub!

D. Cure your hands

Your face and your hands are the bodyparts that are most exposed to the climate, therefor they both need extra attention!

For your hands this means scrubbing them, cure the nails and cuticles and hydrate them. In wintertime your handcream can be a bit heavier than during spring or summer!

E. Don’t forget your SPF

Yeah wright… No I’m serious, we really underestimate the influence of sunrays. Even in winter with cloudy weather I’m wearing SPF, it’s nothing more than a habit.

The sun is aging enemy number one! Moreover if there is snow, all the UV-rays become reflected and your face absorbs double dose! So better end your skincareroutine with a broad spectrum SPF for the face factor 30 at least!

Beauty Opportunities in Belgium

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Hello precious readers of our blog!

Since a year we started blogging and posting about skincare on WordPress and Instagram. We wanted to share our experiences with skincare and make-up, communicate with soulmates, search information about keeping your skin youthfull. To do this it was necessary to buy more skincare, invest in a camera and accessories and learn how to publish beautiful pictures and intresting stories. We hoped after a while we would be an intresting channel for brands to show their products and for soulmates to be informative.

We reached out to several brands to collaborate. We are very lucky some beautiful brands wanted to join us on our journey, but still a lot of them don’t. It seems as if being located in the United States, Great-Brittain, Australia or New-Zealand is by far better to collaborate than being in Belgium. A lot of brands contact us, but when they hear they should ship to Belgium, all communication stops.


Us being situated in Belgium gives great opportunities! And that’s what we wanted to inform in this article.

Belgium might be a small country but it’s the host country for many producers of skincare. What you buy, might have been developed in Belgium! It has very advanced chemical industries who also try to find natural alternatives for existing products.

The Belgian beauty market is totally different than America, Asia, Africa or Australia. But it’s an ideal testmarket for the rest of Europe*:
– on average we have a large purchasing power (higher than average)
– we are well informed, in full knowledge people
– Belgium is a major logistical hub
– we are on average outward facing multilingual persons
– Brussels is the home of many European Institutions

Good to know is that 53,2% * (2016, now even more) of our online purchases are done abroad.

There is, on my opinion a large opportunity for cosmetic specialty stores in Belgium to improve their sales and to remain ahead of the demand.

Very much raved about skincare brands are unavailable in these specialty stores. There is no such thing as a Sephora in Belgium. Specialty stores were selling above all perfume. Now the segment in their sales of skincare and make-up is rising. But they still run behind of what people see on social media!

Skincare is mostly sold in Pharmacies and Specialty stores. Skincare brands can sell a lot online in Belgium, as the direct distribution segment cannot satisfy completely the needs of consumers.


Belgian Beautybloggers, believe in yourselves! You are the key to change our beautymarket! Niche Skincare and Make-up producers, contact Belgian beautybloggers to show your visibility in Belgium, to penetrate this market which is at the start of a whole changement and take profit of this expanding market!

xoxo Ilse

* source: ,

All about natural deodorants

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My way to a cleaner deo

I had a lot of troubles with my armpits, due to the use of deo’s which I couldn’t tolerate. I wanted to get rid of propellant spray cans. All the above and many more I tried, but each with different and painful result.

Lekker in een potje

It’s Dutch for “Something yumme in a jar”. I found it in Albert Heyn, a Dutch supermarket. It was so quetely packaged and was a natural deo. The ingredients are baking soda, biological corn starch, shea butter, coconut oil, rapeseed wax, vitamin E, sunflower oil and ethereal oil.
At first sight everything looked ok.

After using this cream for some weeks, I started to have rather big ulcers in my armpit, which hurt very badly. Every day it was getting worse, until I stopped using Lekker in een potje.

I start reading about the ingredients and learned that baking soda can be very harch on some persons, obviously me….. But I gave it to my friend, explaining she had to be careful, and she loves it!

Salt of the earth

Instead of rubbing I decided to spray again but without propellant. And there was Salt of the earth. All natural and it is made of Potassium Alum, or known as Aluminium Salt. I bought the one with vanilla lavender scent. In the beginning I didn’t like the wet effect when you spray, it has to dry. When you’re in a hurry it’s not ok! But the I got over it and started enjoying. After a few weeks my skin reacted in the same way as with “Lekker in een potje”, stopped using it and irritation gone!

Another gift, for my friend!


Then came Nuud with micro silver. There was a lot of information on Instagram about this new brand. I started reading about it and it actually had beautiful promises. They promise a completely innocent product which should be extremely efficient.
The say it’s safe for body and planet, there is no aluminium, no alcohol, no parabenes, no propellant and no fragrances. It ‘s cruelty free. It leaves no whitecast and it’s odourless. Above all the tube is made of sugar cane and packaging of cardboard. It should be efficient for 3 to 7 days, you use a very small bit so it lasts you for ages. It nutralizes bacteria and therefor protects you from bad smell.

When I first tried it, I smelled myself and it wasn’t nice. It’s not the usual scent of old sweat (which couldn’t) but just a repellant smell. Nuud informed me I was detoxing from my previous deo’s, and the problem should be solved in a few weeks. So I overdosed of fragrance every morning I went to work for several weeks! But there was no improvement whatsoever, so I stopped using it!

Anyone who is fine with it can DM on our Instagram, if you pay the postal charges I’ll send our stock to you for free!


This one, 09 deodorant cream, really, it cured the rash I had from all the above. It contains arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and magnesium with a combination of butters and oils. It is only lightly scented with lavender essential oil. For me this is the solution after a desperate search of one year. I have no troubles at all with bad smell, my pits feel fresh and moisturized, and I can wear a parfume on top without interfering with a too obvious scent of my deo. This one is really great! I’m in love , thank you Speak!


If you have sensitive skin, please watch out with natural deo’s. Watch carefully their ingrediënt lists and avoid backing soda and potassium aluminium. If you want to test micro silver, don’t buy to big portions in once, check if it’s suitable!

Hope you liked the blog, if so please leave a comment in the comment section and like the article. Love to you all

xoxo Ilse

Combining skincare actives: everything you always wanted to know!

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When you start elaborating your skincareroutine, you quickly run into troubled waters. Which actives can you combine and which you better don’t? One important thing to know is don’t layer acids, accept for hydrator Hyaluronic acid which can be applied with anything. If you take into account some basic principles, you’ll be safe! This article tries to provide some advice! I hope this is useful!


Most of the Acids are chemical exfoliators e.g. glycolic acid (AHA), Mandelic Acid (AHA), Salicilic Acid (BHA), Lactic Acid (AHA),…

AHA or alpha hydroxy acid is water soluble, most common type is glycolic acid. BHA is beta hydroxy acid and it is oil soluble, Salicilic acid it the one we know best. Due to the fact that BHA binds best with oily substances, it penetrates skin deeper. Sebum is an oily substance. So if you’re skin is prone to acne, you better should incorporate a BHA into your routine.

How can you layer Acids?

In the paragraph above I didn’t mention the form L-ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. It’s also an acid. We use vitamin C not to exfoliate but to enhance uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, general dullness.

Vitamin C works great with acids because they work in the same pH (measurement for acidity, low pH means highly acid, high pH means base or low acidity). Does this mean you can combine it without worries? NO! If you have sensitive skin combining them might be too much!

How to use them both, I hear you think? You can use an AHA in the evening and use Vitamin C in the morning. Acids make your skin more sensitive to sun rays. Remember: “Use an acid, wear a sunscreen!!”


Niacinamide (B3) makes skin produce free fatty acids and ceramides. They reinforce the skinbarrier. It makes skin loose less moisture. Niacinamide is also anti-inflammatory and reduces the production of histamin. This means it calms the skin. It can be used with rosacea and red zones on your skin, and it helps against itching.

It also has a diminuishing effect on sebum production. You can guess, it’s also good in your fight against acne!

Lots of people use niacinamide, therefor it’s really important knowing how to combine! Niacinamide raises skin pH. So if you use it with acids they start to influence each other, making them less effective.

Niacinamide – Acids Vitamin C

Retinol (Vitamin A)

Retinol is a skincare ingrediënt used to fight acne and in the cure of fine lines and wrinkles. Before spending lots of money on a vitamin A there are some things you should take into consideration.

Vitamin A appaers in a lot of actives, Retinol is only one of them. Vitamin A is however very difficult to store. It looses its effectiveness really quickly due to oxigenation and needs to be stored refrigerated. It should be packaged airtight.

It’s stability is improved in oil (not a very high concentration of vegan oil) or silicones and associated with anti-oxidants. It should stay far away from fragrances.

Beyond all this, with what can you combine? Vitamin A has a high pH, therefor you can’t combine it with acids or Vitamin C. It does combine with niacinamide and peptides!

Retinol – Acids – Vitamin C

Retinol – Peptides – Niacinamide


Always take into account to start your routine with waterbased ingredients, than you layer light creams or serums and the last layar can be a heavier cream or an oil. Don’t ever use oils before waterbased products because oil or a heavy cream seals your skin and the rest will remain on top of it!

This means if your moisturizer is oil based, you should use an oil based sunscreen on top of that, and an oil based foundation! With a waterbased moisturizer a waterbased sunscreen and a waterbased foundation!

How to know! Always check ingrediënt lists! Combining waterbased on top of oilbased can result into productpilling.


A solution when you want to exfoliate and fight acne of fine lines is to use the actives seperately. An example of how you can do:

AM: Vitamin C and Peptides
PM: AHA’s, BHA’s after toning, then a serum with HA and a moisturizer


AM: Vitamin C and Peptides in your routine
PM: Vitamin A, Antioxidants and Niacinamide

Take into account that using each PM a Vitamin A or an exfoliating ingrediënt can be too much. So pamper your skin mostly with soothing ingredients and use once and a while Vitamin A or exfoliants if you experience problems with your skin

Everyone’s skin is different and what works for me might not work for you or visa versa!

Tell me what you think, have you experienced difficulties combining? Next time I will dig into CBD and how to combine!

xx Ilse

Natural skincare reviewed: Speak


Hello lovelies, we’re back from a nice holiday in Sweden! What a lovely country! Such a beautiful nature and nice people! There’s also a lot of movement concerning an ecological way of living and planet friendly producing. I liked it a lot! It seemed like coming home!

During this time in our camper I took my time to test these honest products from the sweet girls of @speakskinbeauty !

What can I say, I was so impressed!

Deodorant cream:

Load image into Gallery viewer, 09 Deodorant Cream

I had a lot of troubles with my armpits, due to the use of deo’s which I couldn’t tolerate. I wanted to get rid of propellant spray cans. I tried Nuud with micro silver but this didn’t work out for me. I tried Ben and Anna, but I got very bad infections. My friend is completely fine with Ben and Anna. I also tried “lekker in een potje”, but the same thing happened as with Ben and Anna due to the baking soda. This one, really it cured the rash I had from all the above. It contains arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and magnesium with a combination of butters and oils. It is only lightly scented with lavender essential oil. For me this is the solution after a desperate search of one year. I have no troubles at all with bad smell, my pits feel fresh and moisturized, and I can wear a parfume on top without interfering with a too obvious scent of my deo. I’m in love , thank you Speak!

Powder cleanser:

Load image into Gallery viewer, 01 Cleansing Powder

I first didn’t like the idea of mixing a powder with water before being able to second cleanse. But I got used to it really fast! I mix it in my hand and splash it on my face rubbing gently. I use it after my cleansing oil from DHC (at the moment), and sometimes I mix them together. It is a delicate cleanse, the scent is really earthy due to the kaolin, the oats and a little lavender touch. It’s an ideal cleanse if you experience some redness like I do. It’s soft, gentle and it does move excess talg. There’s almond oil in it, which I guess makes it the gentle it is. I like the fact that there are no bubbles on my face, I don’t have to use a cotton swab, I just use a washable muslin cloth or my bare hands to rinse off. Love it!

Prickly Pear seed oil

Load image into Gallery viewer, 00 Prickly Pear Seed Oil

I’m using it now in the evening before moisturizer. In the morning my skin feels soft and hydrated. For the effects on long term, I want to test it a little longer to experience the anti-wrinkle effect. I need at least 5 drops of only oil to be able to cover my whole face and neck because it sinks in fast, but than I do feel a little to heavy in day time. Speak recommends using only 2 to 3 drops but after misting your face or added to your moisturizer. In this way it works really fine and is light enough during daytime in a hot and humid summer! It promises to have an effect on dark under-eye-circles due  to the vitamin K, but I don’t suffer from them. It really helps out my redness and reduces it visibly! I continue using it, to see the effect on my fine lines and keep you posted!

All items were friendly gifted, but opinions are our own (this time Ilse).

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Pixi Vitamin C – The Ordinary Vitamin C

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How was your weekend? No #mondayblues for us !

It’s monday now, and we’re counting the days to go for our holiday! No Southern destination for us this year! Since a few years we would love to discover more countries in the North of Belgium. So this year we’re doing a roadtrip to Denmark and Sweden! Maybe you have some tips for skincare in these countries? You can write it in the comments!

Vitamin C was the first active I added to my simple skincare routine some years ago! And after a few weeks this gave me a real good result, which until then I never experienced. I just single cleansed with a foam cleanser and used a daycream at the time.

When I noticed this difference I started deepening my knowledge about skincare, and I widened my routine and added an evening routine!

Finding a nice vitamin C was one of my missions, and I found the @lumenefinland Nordic C glow boost essence, which was lovely. It had fragrance added, and I wanted to find one without.

Now I found Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% of TO and I’m so glad with it! It’s an emulsion and absorbs very well into the skin. It gives no tingling feeling whatsoever and I have absolutely no reaction of my skin to the product.

It also keeps my skin bright and luminous!

Since the emulsion is not superconcentrated I wanted to add a product in my morning routine, which is the Vitamin C lotion from Pixi. It’s really lightweight. The packaging has the tendency to spill some product as it is very difficult to push out only a small amount of product. I’m not using it for long now, so these are first impressions. I don’t experience sensitivity to the product. It absorbs quite fast, so I like it as a summer moisturizer. I use it in the morning because you can’t use it together with retinol. I continue using it and will keep you updated!

Sweet greetings from Ilse, Mirte and Wade

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Bybi Blueberry Booster

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Oooooh waauw, it’s Saturday! Finally! This week was tremendous, due to the high temperatures in Belgium. We bunkered ourselves in our house to let in the heat the least possible! Yesterday it started to rain , it was so funny! Everybody was in the street shouting at each other how glad they were with the freshness of the rain! It cooled down with 11°. Never in my life I felt like in that moment. How are you guys doing?

I bought this Bybi Blueberry Booster the minute it came out! I adore the packaging, it’s this soft baby rose colour in combination with the glass bottle that does the trick! So delicate.

Nice to know is that Bybi uses byproducts of the juice industrie. This is used in the strawberry seed oil, and also in this blueberry seed oil! So actually nothing is destroyed to produce this oil, and that’s wonderful!

Now about the oil itself. It’s not as transparent as the Bakuchiol, but it’s slightly greenish yellow tinted. It feels between very lightweight and normal. In comparison to the Bakuchiol it’s just slightly heavier texture. It spreads out easily on the skin and absorbs fast, in 30sec you just feel a little tacky, in 2 minutes it just feels softened and completely absorbed.

The benefits of this oil are amazing. It rejuvenates the skin due to its high antioxidant levels. It reduces wrinkles and the effect of aging making the skin look plump and firm.

It helps repair damaged skin, hair, and nail cells. therefor helpful to treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. It assists in the fight against harmful UV and radiation of blue light. This is actual, because we often use a lot of screens these days.

I felt it was really moisturizing my skin providing a light shiny glow. I use it in the morning, mixed in my moisturizer and I alter with the strawberry one. I loved that one too! In the evening I use the Bakuchiol and alter with the CBD in case I experience some redness.

I hope this review was useful for you guys! Please check out my discount code BLISS25 which still gives you 25% on your order until 31/07! I have no advantages of this whatsoever!

After 31/07 you can use this link with a reduction of 20% on orders above 20£.

Review Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel

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I received this cleanser in PR from PixibeautyUK. The first time I used it I didn’t know really well what to expect from a cleanser with glycolic acid. I thought glycolic acid needs some time to work on your skin, before it could actually be effective. I thought of using it as a second cleanser.⁠
. ⁠
Apart from Glycolic Acid it contains many active fruit extracts such as grape, kiwi, apple, orange, lemon and grapefruit and a little bit of pineapple. There’s also ginseng, horse chestnut and a little hazel but also lactobacillus ferment. As a soothing ingrediënt there is also Aloë Vera in it.⁠
. ⁠
After using it more frequently, I noticed my skin became softer at touch. On an evening, after having skipped skincare for a whole day (shame on me ), I noticed an non neglectible dead skin amount when I used the cleanser. I use it as prescribed “massage gently during 30s” . This means that using it every day it really exfoliated in a real gentle way my skin!⁠
So now I’m in heaven with this second cleanser!⁠
It has a transparent gel texture, very lightweight and rinses of easily. It is suitable for all skintypes. There’s a nice amount of product in the tube, but be careful the tube gives a lot of product at once. I would prefer @pixibeauty to use a pump for this cleanser. But this is really the only con I can mention!⁠
At the moment there are so many new products from Pixi! I like the retinol line, but I also like the vitamin C line! Can’t decide which one I’m going to try first!⁠
Sorry to mention, but the weather here is still hot! They predict some rain for the coming days and cooler weather, so we almost made it to the end of this heatwave.⁠

Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel, phot. Ablissofbeauty
Jewels: Silis

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Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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4 reviews of sunscreen

Winter is over! In Belgium and in the UK we’re in the middle of Spring! The most beautiful season of the year! Trees make new leaves, birds build their nests and the first warm sunrays appear. Even if the sun is still low, we do have to protect ourselves against UV-damages even if you don’t go outside! UV-A rays come through your windows!

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging skin! If you want to know more about sun damage, there is an intresting article about the effects of sun damage on Paula’s choice.

Having this said, there is an enormous choice of broad spectrum SPF’s on the market! There are 2 kinds of protection, mineral and synthetic sunscreen. Sometimes they are mixed. The last months I tested 4 sunscreens! Some of them are expensive, others aren’t. I’m sure you’ll find one of your choice! If you are positive about another option, please feel free to share it below in the comments!

Tatcha: Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF35 PA +++ 58€ 60ml – 97€/100ml

Even though I wanted to test only SPF 50 I included this one. I heard so many people raving about it, so I couldn’t skip it in this test. It’s a broad spectrum sunscreen protecting against UVA and UVB. It’s a mixture of mineral and synthetic sunscreen with active ingredients
Zinc Oxide(=mineral) 15% and Octisalate(=synthetic) 5%.

The texture is rather thick but does blend smoothly into your skin! It leaves your skin with a silky matte touch. It doesn’t have any whitecast at all! It has a delicate scent, but it doesn’t bother me. I have combination skin and it kept me matte for at least 6 hours. This sunscreen claims to have anti-aging properties.

I wondered why they didn’t came with an SPF 50, so I started surfing through the faq’s on their website. Tatcha comments they searched for a perfect combination in pore perfecting and not leaving any whitecast. An SPF of 35 is considered to be very good.

I love this sunscreen, it works great on top of skincare and it works great under make-up. I love the fact that it is mattifying!

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF 50 PA +++ 24€ 70ml – 34,30 €/100ml

This sunscreen has a milky texture, it’s really fluid. Applying is a real piece of cake! In the beginning your skin feels a little bit tacky, but once absorbed completely it also leaves a matte finish. It has no whitecast at all! The packaging is really lovely.

Active ingredients are Zinc Oxide(=mineral) and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate or Octinoxate (=synthetic). This is a mixed sunscreen. I do see some parabens in the ingrediënt list, although at the very end of the list. Parabenes serve as a preservative. I know many of you try to avoid these. If you really want to know more about this ingrediënt please do read the article about them on Paula’s Choice.

This sunscreen claims to be waterproof, so it is very helpful when you are at the side of a pool or at the beach! Or even when you plan a workout!

Actually this sunscreen worked really well on top of skincare and under make-up. I do like that it’s waterproof. But I have some thoughts on the ingrediënt list due to the parabenes. I know too little about chemistry to have a founded opinion. Reading the article on Paula’s Choice one shouldn’t bother due to the tiny amounts used in sunscreen. So this one is up to you! Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 PA +++ 19,90€ 88ml – 22,60 €/100ml

This one I bought because of the good review from Angie @ Hotandflashy . A very informative You Tubester when it comes to age beautifully! It’s a completely mineral sunscreen which protects against free radicals and is also antiaging. This has a real dense creamy tinted texture. Sometimes I have issues of pilling on top of my skincare, but this could be because of the Niacinamide I used. It works extremely well as a primer under make-up. It gives a matte finish and due to the tint it evens out an uneven skintone.

For some skintints the colour might not match. They only have one tint. This year they came out with an untinted spf 50.

It contains no parabenes and a lot of beneficial botanical ingredients. It’s unscented. The price is also very reasonable! This is definately a rebuy for me!

Caudalie Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 PA +++ 24€ 50ml – 48 €/100ml

Since Caudalie is becoming very popular on Instagram and in the world, and many people including myself are very satisfied with their skincare, I thought it was logical to test their revised facial sunscreen SPF50.

Active ingredients are butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (avobenzone – UVA filter), ethylhexyl triazone (UVB-filter), titanium dioxide, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine (UVA en UVB filter). The last one mentioned is also a good antioxidant! As you might notice it is a mineral as well as a synthetic sunscreen. They banned controversial filters from the previous version. This includes chemical filters suspected of being endocrine disruptors, such as octinoxate and octocrylene, nanoparticle filters, and the filters known to be toxic to the marine environment, oxybenzone and octinoxate.

It’s the only sunscreen in this row without silicones. It’s water-resistant, anti-aging and it claims to be hydrating and soothing.

So the cream is rather thick and rich, even though they describe it as a light texture. It has a scent of frangipanni. Application is easy, there is no whitecast whatsoever. Of course using no silicones gives a big difference in applyance. It’s not as smooth as the other sunscreens. My face is more dewy, but it remains also a bit tacky during the day. After some hours I also experience some pilling. I do feel it is beneficial for my skin, it’s very hydrated and with an SPF50 very well protected.

I really wanted it to be my favourite, but I will use it with my family at the beach or by the pool on holiday. I don’t think it is purposed for daily use above your skincare and under make-up due to the pilling and the abscence of silicones. Maybe for extremely dry skin it will work better, but I have combination skin and don’t want my t-zone to be a glowing x-mas ball.

I hope I might have helped you with your choice in a facial sunscreen! I do have some other sunscreens to test at the end of May so stay tuned, and post your holygrails in the comments!

xoxo Ilse

Cleansing oils

Beauty, cleansing oil, Skincare

Who doesn’t love a good cleansing oil? A cleansing oil is used as a first cleanse if you wear make-up followed by a second cleanse with another cleanser like cleansing foam, cleansing lotion, cleansing gel.

But how to choose in the huge amount of products there are. I started to use a cleansing oil from Caudalie.

This oil is slightly coloured and has a delicate scent of almond. It’s a very lovely experience massaging your face with it. It sinks into your skin and mixes with make-up. With the smallest amount of water it changes into a milky substantion, which isn’t oily any more. You can whipe it off your face very easily. Cleansing is thorough and your skin feels soft afterwards. It retails 19€ for 150ml. Which is 12.7€ for 100ml. I actually rated it 4,5/5 before using the other oils.

Having used just one cleansing oil, I decided to try more of them. We will be comparing Bybi, DHC, Tatcha, Pixi, Origins and dear klairs. You see all these products photographed in the first picture!

Pixi cleansing oil Pinksalt, 118ml – 28€ with pump

Retails for 23,73€ for 100ml. It’s a very transparent liquid oil with a beautiful delicate scent of rosemary and lavender. It melts lovely into the skin. This cleansing oil doesn’t emulsifie into a milky lotion. You have to take it of with lukewarm water according to the instructions. I took it off with a cleansing cloth Pixi gave me in a PR box. It mixed very well with make-up, and it took off all make-up. The rosemary leaf oil in it is decongesting en detoxifying. I felt it decongested my pores. Above all it left my skin clean and really soft. I need to say that the carrier oil of this cleansing oil is coconut oil and olive oil. For people suffering from acne please try out a sample first. For me this is a very lovely oil.

I rate it 4,5/5.

Origins Clean Energy, Gentle cleansing oil 200ml – 27€ without pump

Retails for 13,5€ for 100ml, which is quite inexpensive. It’s a very yellow oil colour, almost like some olive oil you buy to cook with. It has a lovely delicate scent of lavender, rosemary and tones of citrus. Massaging this oil into your skin is a lovely experience due to it’s scent and texture. Oil is lovely to massage, I like cleansing oil a lot because you can really massage your skin while cleansing! This cleansing oil, seems to stay more onto the surface of your skin instead of melting into your skin. Therefor it’s a good make-up remover, but remains poor in pore cleansing. The carrier oil is sunflower oil, which is non-comedogenic. To use for all skintypes!

I rate it 3,5/5.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml – 27€ with pump

Retails for 13,5€ for 100ml, which is quite inexpensive. It looks exactly the same as the cleansing oil from Origins. But it is very different! The carrier oil is olive oil. It has no scent at all! I know lots of skincare lovers don’t like products with a scent, so for them this is an ideal oil. But for me it isn’t much of an experience cleansing with something that doesn’t tingle my senses! It massages very well into the skin and it emulsifies directly with the slightest amount of water. It provides a good pore cleansing! My skin feels deeply cleansed, ready for toning or a second cleanse!

I rate it 4/5

dear Klairs Gentle black deep cleansing oil 150ml – 27€ with pump

Retails for 18€ for 100ml, but prices vary a lot depending on which importer you are buying from. This price was on .

It’s a very lightweight transparent oil with the slightest scent of black current escaping while you massage it into your skin. You just need to use one pump, it’s more than enough for cleansing your face. It stays on your skin, and it emulsifies only while rubbing your face with fairly warm water! It’s very good for removing make-up, but is no good in pore cleansing. So for me this is not a deep cleanser!

I rate it 4/5

Bybi Swipe Clean, facial cleansing oil and make-up remover 100ml – 31,5€ no pump

Retails for 31,5€ for 100ml, which is quite expensive. The oil is the only one contained in a glass bottle. Glass is completely recycable. It’s a beautiful yellow bottle! The only negative about the packaging is that you cannot put pressure on glass, so for the oil to come out of the bottle you have to drop some into your hands. A pump would come in handy! The cleansing oil has a yellow colour, there is no scent, massages well into the skin. It emulsifies perfectly with water. It is good for removing make-up and for pore cleansing. It has different carrier oils. It claims also to contain oils with great antibacterial properties and oils high in AHA’s. This means it should be great for acne and it has exfoliating potential. It’s good for sensitive skin and oily skin. When using this oil my skin felt excellent!

I rate it 4,5/5

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia cleansing oil 150ml – 43€

Retails for 28,7€ for 100ml, which isn’t the most expensive one! This is a normal oil with a very delicate fresh scent. It mixes into your skin and it’s an intresting experiences for your senses to cleanse! With water it emulsifies so beautiful into the lightest milky liquid which you rinse away in a minute. It keeps my pores clean and removes make-up like a pro! After using your skin feels soft and very hydrated. The carrier oil is rice bran oil.

I rate it 5/5

And after comparing the Caudalie to the others I would rate the Caudalie cleansing oil also a 5/5! You have the numbers, you have my honest opinions! Now it’s up to you to decide! Happy cleansing people!