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Who doesn’t love a good cleansing oil? A cleansing oil is used as a first cleanse if you wear make-up followed by a second cleanse with another cleanser like cleansing foam, cleansing lotion, cleansing gel.

But how to choose in the huge amount of products there are. I started to use a cleansing oil from Caudalie.

This oil is slightly coloured and has a delicate scent of almond. It’s a very lovely experience massaging your face with it. It sinks into your skin and mixes with make-up. With the smallest amount of water it changes into a milky substantion, which isn’t oily any more. You can whipe it off your face very easily. Cleansing is thorough and your skin feels soft afterwards. It retails 19€ for 150ml. Which is 12.7€ for 100ml. I actually rated it 4,5/5 before using the other oils.

Having used just one cleansing oil, I decided to try more of them. We will be comparing Bybi, DHC, Tatcha, Pixi, Origins and dear klairs. You see all these products photographed in the first picture!

Pixi cleansing oil Pinksalt, 118ml – 28€ with pump

Retails for 23,73€ for 100ml. It’s a very transparent liquid oil with a beautiful delicate scent of rosemary and lavender. It melts lovely into the skin. This cleansing oil doesn’t emulsifie into a milky lotion. You have to take it of with lukewarm water according to the instructions. I took it off with a cleansing cloth Pixi gave me in a PR box. It mixed very well with make-up, and it took off all make-up. The rosemary leaf oil in it is decongesting en detoxifying. I felt it decongested my pores. Above all it left my skin clean and really soft. I need to say that the carrier oil of this cleansing oil is coconut oil and olive oil. For people suffering from acne please try out a sample first. For me this is a very lovely oil.

I rate it 4,5/5.

Origins Clean Energy, Gentle cleansing oil 200ml – 27€ without pump

Retails for 13,5€ for 100ml, which is quite inexpensive. It’s a very yellow oil colour, almost like some olive oil you buy to cook with. It has a lovely delicate scent of lavender, rosemary and tones of citrus. Massaging this oil into your skin is a lovely experience due to it’s scent and texture. Oil is lovely to massage, I like cleansing oil a lot because you can really massage your skin while cleansing! This cleansing oil, seems to stay more onto the surface of your skin instead of melting into your skin. Therefor it’s a good make-up remover, but remains poor in pore cleansing. The carrier oil is sunflower oil, which is non-comedogenic. To use for all skintypes!

I rate it 3,5/5.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml – 27€ with pump

Retails for 13,5€ for 100ml, which is quite inexpensive. It looks exactly the same as the cleansing oil from Origins. But it is very different! The carrier oil is olive oil. It has no scent at all! I know lots of skincare lovers don’t like products with a scent, so for them this is an ideal oil. But for me it isn’t much of an experience cleansing with something that doesn’t tingle my senses! It massages very well into the skin and it emulsifies directly with the slightest amount of water. It provides a good pore cleansing! My skin feels deeply cleansed, ready for toning or a second cleanse!

I rate it 4/5

dear Klairs Gentle black deep cleansing oil 150ml – 27€ with pump

Retails for 18€ for 100ml, but prices vary a lot depending on which importer you are buying from. This price was on .

It’s a very lightweight transparent oil with the slightest scent of black current escaping while you massage it into your skin. You just need to use one pump, it’s more than enough for cleansing your face. It stays on your skin, and it emulsifies only while rubbing your face with fairly warm water! It’s very good for removing make-up, but is no good in pore cleansing. So for me this is not a deep cleanser!

I rate it 4/5

Bybi Swipe Clean, facial cleansing oil and make-up remover 100ml – 31,5€ no pump

Retails for 31,5€ for 100ml, which is quite expensive. The oil is the only one contained in a glass bottle. Glass is completely recycable. It’s a beautiful yellow bottle! The only negative about the packaging is that you cannot put pressure on glass, so for the oil to come out of the bottle you have to drop some into your hands. A pump would come in handy! The cleansing oil has a yellow colour, there is no scent, massages well into the skin. It emulsifies perfectly with water. It is good for removing make-up and for pore cleansing. It has different carrier oils. It claims also to contain oils with great antibacterial properties and oils high in AHA’s. This means it should be great for acne and it has exfoliating potential. It’s good for sensitive skin and oily skin. When using this oil my skin felt excellent!

I rate it 4,5/5

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia cleansing oil 150ml – 43€

Retails for 28,7€ for 100ml, which isn’t the most expensive one! This is a normal oil with a very delicate fresh scent. It mixes into your skin and it’s an intresting experiences for your senses to cleanse! With water it emulsifies so beautiful into the lightest milky liquid which you rinse away in a minute. It keeps my pores clean and removes make-up like a pro! After using your skin feels soft and very hydrated. The carrier oil is rice bran oil.

I rate it 5/5

And after comparing the Caudalie to the others I would rate the Caudalie cleansing oil also a 5/5! You have the numbers, you have my honest opinions! Now it’s up to you to decide! Happy cleansing people!

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