Bybi Blueberry Booster

Beauty, Skincare

Oooooh waauw, it’s Saturday! Finally! This week was tremendous, due to the high temperatures in Belgium. We bunkered ourselves in our house to let in the heat the least possible! Yesterday it started to rain , it was so funny! Everybody was in the street shouting at each other how glad they were with the freshness of the rain! It cooled down with 11°. Never in my life I felt like in that moment. How are you guys doing?

I bought this Bybi Blueberry Booster the minute it came out! I adore the packaging, it’s this soft baby rose colour in combination with the glass bottle that does the trick! So delicate.

Nice to know is that Bybi uses byproducts of the juice industrie. This is used in the strawberry seed oil, and also in this blueberry seed oil! So actually nothing is destroyed to produce this oil, and that’s wonderful!

Now about the oil itself. It’s not as transparent as the Bakuchiol, but it’s slightly greenish yellow tinted. It feels between very lightweight and normal. In comparison to the Bakuchiol it’s just slightly heavier texture. It spreads out easily on the skin and absorbs fast, in 30sec you just feel a little tacky, in 2 minutes it just feels softened and completely absorbed.

The benefits of this oil are amazing. It rejuvenates the skin due to its high antioxidant levels. It reduces wrinkles and the effect of aging making the skin look plump and firm.

It helps repair damaged skin, hair, and nail cells. therefor helpful to treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. It assists in the fight against harmful UV and radiation of blue light. This is actual, because we often use a lot of screens these days.

I felt it was really moisturizing my skin providing a light shiny glow. I use it in the morning, mixed in my moisturizer and I alter with the strawberry one. I loved that one too! In the evening I use the Bakuchiol and alter with the CBD in case I experience some redness.

I hope this review was useful for you guys! Please check out my discount code BLISS25 which still gives you 25% on your order until 31/07! I have no advantages of this whatsoever!

After 31/07 you can use this link with a reduction of 20% on orders above 20£.

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