Pixi Vitamin C – The Ordinary Vitamin C

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How was your weekend? No #mondayblues for us !

It’s monday now, and we’re counting the days to go for our holiday! No Southern destination for us this year! Since a few years we would love to discover more countries in the North of Belgium. So this year we’re doing a roadtrip to Denmark and Sweden! Maybe you have some tips for skincare in these countries? You can write it in the comments!

Vitamin C was the first active I added to my simple skincare routine some years ago! And after a few weeks this gave me a real good result, which until then I never experienced. I just single cleansed with a foam cleanser and used a daycream at the time.

When I noticed this difference I started deepening my knowledge about skincare, and I widened my routine and added an evening routine!

Finding a nice vitamin C was one of my missions, and I found the @lumenefinland Nordic C glow boost essence, which was lovely. It had fragrance added, and I wanted to find one without.

Now I found Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% of TO and I’m so glad with it! It’s an emulsion and absorbs very well into the skin. It gives no tingling feeling whatsoever and I have absolutely no reaction of my skin to the product.

It also keeps my skin bright and luminous!

Since the emulsion is not superconcentrated I wanted to add a product in my morning routine, which is the Vitamin C lotion from Pixi. It’s really lightweight. The packaging has the tendency to spill some product as it is very difficult to push out only a small amount of product. I’m not using it for long now, so these are first impressions. I don’t experience sensitivity to the product. It absorbs quite fast, so I like it as a summer moisturizer. I use it in the morning because you can’t use it together with retinol. I continue using it and will keep you updated!

Sweet greetings from Ilse, Mirte and Wade

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