Our Empties

Lately everything empties in the same moment. Longtime I had no empties and now everything is finished together, 😂!⁠

@Ecooking Moisturizing Serum 20ml This was a really good serum, I used it instead of my Hyaluronic Acid and Buffet from TO, and I really loved it. It has a high content of moisture and Tripeptides, I would rebuy if it was a little less expensive. (52€ for 20ml)⁠

@pixibeautyuk I just finished my glowtonic, but I just received a huge bottle with my name on it 💗 . I love it so much!⁠

@evoluderm.france This tonic was used by Wade, my girl of 12 . It contains niacinamide and it was really good in treating her blackheads and keeping her skin pimplefree!⁠

@theinkeylist Q10 and collagen, I used these very often. Must say that I really don’t know if the collagen was so effective, but I absolutely adore the Q10! It’s my third bottle and my fourth is in stock!!⁠

@drunkelephant B-hydra, a fast absorbing moisture serum. I need a lot of it to feel hydrated, it absorbs so quick but it keeps my skin hydrated for a long time!⁠

@native_essentials Finished Azur a lovely calming blue face oil! If you like Lapis, you would like this too! It’s a fast absorbing face oil, which really calms your skin! It was great! A pitty it is finished!⁠

Love to see your empties!⁠

xoxo Ilse


2 thoughts on “Empties of March 2020

  1. Absolutely love empties blog posts, the sign of an amazing product! Pixi glow tonic is something I’ve wanted to try for so long, it might finally be time to take the plunge! xx


  2. wow – you finished so many products this month. The Pixi Glow Tonic is such a great product – so effective!! That is so cool that you received a bottle with your name on it, too!


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