Nichebeautylab contacted me to send me their new anti-aging line Biod. I was very surprised seeing that this line was gel-texture. Usually anti-aging creams are creamy! The packaging is just amazing and their price tag is really great! I received their Miracle Essence, Eye Contour Concentrate and their Day Cream. I used them for 2 weeks before informing you of their results!

Time for digging in on these products!


I used it after 2nd cleanse with a cotton pad. It has a delicate fruity scent which reminds me of some baby wipes, but it disappears on the skin. Main ingrediënts are Juveleven Peptide, Antarctic Active, Green Caviar. The peptide is 4th of the Inci list after water and glycerin. The Antarctic active is a biotechnologically derived ingredient that is produced by the fermentation of a marine bacteria living in the cold Antarctic Ocean. There is also a sea grape extract, Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract in it which has anti-oxidant, anti-viral, hypolipidaemic and anti-cancer properties. There’s also a concentrate of the AHA citric acid in the essence which is a mild chemical exfoliant!

Texture: it’s a purple water texture
Experience: hydrating and refreshing on the skin, helps to absorb the following step in your routine. I had no issues with this essence, but I advise you to pad test because there is some fragrance in it. Fragrance is at the end of the Inci.

Rebuy: Yess! Great value for the price tag and the only peptide Essence I know is the Juva Miracle boost serum essence which is far more expensive!


I used this gel-like day cream after my serums! The sent is the same as the essence, it’s fresh on the skin due to the gel texture I guess! Base ingrediënts are the same of the Essence, but they added Wheat Seed Extract, Barley Seed Extract, Ginseng Extract, Peach Juice, Apple Juice. There’s also vitamin E and citric acid. All ingrediënts which improve the resistance against damages caused by environmental factors. and provides hydration and elasticity, avoiding cell deterioration that causes premature skin aging. There is no dimethicone in the formula, neither is there another silicone. I appreciate this very much!

Texture: It’s a transparant slightly purple gel.
Experience: Upon appliance it also feels very refreshing. It spreads really easily and the texture doesn’t change. In the beginning it feels a little bit tacky, but it absorbs very soon, leaving soft touch skin. I thought it wouldn’t be hydrating enough during the whole day and I would have felt dry let’s say after 5 hours or so. But the opposite was true, I remained hydrated all day! I love this formula!

Rebuy: Really yes! Great price tag for anti-aging skincare, love the formula, it feels really hydrating and is really refreshing in summer!


I used this one instead of my ceramide eye cream from Paula’s Choice. I tapped it around my eye on the lids. It applies really easy. The scent is not so noticeble as in the essence or the day cream. It feels refreshing and has a good impact on puffiness! It has the peptides in the formula as well as hawthorn flower extract and jasmine flower extract.

Texture: It’s a transparant slightly purple gel.
Experience: Upon appliance it also feels very refreshing. It spreads really easily and the texture becomes slightly more liquid. Because of this, a little goes a long way! You only need the tiniest amount of gel! In the beginning it feels a little bit tacky, but it absorbs very soon, leaving a hydrated underey area. Although I can’t say anything negative of this formula, I do prefer a cream. I can’t explain, but I just had the feeling I need more on my undereyes than peptides.

Rebuy: If I was younger I would! Great price tag for anti-aging eye cream! I think this eye concentrate will protect you from 25 to 45 in a really good way! But I do like ceramides and collagen added to my eye cream.

General conclusion

I think Nichebeautylab did a great job creating this line! I checked out their website and they have many brands on it. They produced in the past for many great skincare brands, but now started to make skin, hair and body care with their own brands. Certainly a player in the beauty market to keep an eye on!

xoxo Ilse

*these products were gifted by the brand, links in this article are by no means sponsored! I have a discount code for my followers! Check it out on the couponpage!

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