My prefered cleansing balms at the moment!

Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm

All about my 1st cleanse or cleansing balms!
I start with the queen of all cleansing balms, the one which made me familiar with them, Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm! This is such a flabbergasting Spa experience! It spreads beautifully, it takes make-up, spf or in the morning any excess of oil and turns in to a beautiful milk and washes all impurities away, all with the most beautiful scent! You hear me I love it!

A.Florence Balm to milk cleanser

Then you have the A.Florence Balm to milk cleanser! This retails for a lot less than the am. The cream itself is more to the pink side, has the texture of a balm and it is as effective as the Moringa cleansing balm. It has a really lovely scent to, but not so overwhelming! If you don’t like a scent of natural but essential oils, than this one is better suited than the Emma Hardies. I need to say that I love this balm in the same way, and it’s scent is also great and relaxing! My choice between these two just depends on my state of mind!

Watermelon cleansing Balm from Indeed labs

I bought the Watermelon cleansing Balm from Indeed labs, completely influenced by the gram! Having great Spa expectations I was disappointed. Texture is fine, melting into the skin is fine, emoliation is fine, but there is no scent! Well there is, but it’s an earthy natural oil scent. So if you need a cleansing balm and don’t need the spa experience it is really great! I can really advise it though! I just had other expectations!

What product did you buy because someone raved on it on the gram, and when you used it you just expected something completely different? I would love to get into contact with you guys, so shoot!
xoxo Ilse😘

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