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You probably have heard of mineral sunscreen? Why is there such a hype around it?
Because they are healthier for our body! People absorb a part of the make-up and skincare they are wearing! You know we use 4kg of products on our body during a year! Needless to say it might be healthier to look for healthy alternatives! Mineral sunscreen has the side effect of leaving a white cast, but if you search well you’ll probably find one suitable for you!

Anyway, there’s also mineral make-up! It’s a healthier alternative to synthetical make-up!

What is mineral make-up?

Pure mineral make-up is made out of minerals. Minerals are substances that appear in nature as a vaste material, like stone. It’s formed through geological processes! You can recognize them in the Inci as ironoxide, zincoxide, mica, titanium oxide (sun protectance) , … As it is becoming quite popular the word mineral is often used to sell. So if you want to go 100% for mineral make-up you need to check the Inci list!

Most minerals are very beneficiary for the skin! But beware of talc. Technically it’s also a mineral, but it attract fluids. Using talc in make-up prevents you from being shiny when you have oily skin. But there is a downside to talc. Using it often and much can make your skin so dry that it starts overproducing sebum. This is the reason why many brands pitch theirselves as talc-free.

Reasons why I could use mineral make-up

Minerals are non-comodogenic, it doesn’t block our pores! Minerals are bigger molecules than ingrediënts of synthetic make-up. Synthetic make-up is often designed to fill our pores so they aren’t visual any more. Therefor it is more probable it causes break-outs! Mineral ingredients are over the skin, leaving it breathe.

One might think it isn’t full coverage! But mineral make-up in the purest form, powder, is very buildable. You just need the right brush! A flat kabuki will have a more covered effect than a fluffy brush!

Many mineral ingrediënts have antisceptic properties, they prevent skin from inflamation! Therefor it’s very benificiary to those who are acneprone!

Using it helps your sunscreen. Mostly it contains zinc-oxide and titanium-oxide which reflect sunlight! But please use them as an extra sunscreen. You have to apply a ton of product before you reach a decent protection!

Powder vs fluid

Mostly pure mineral make-up is in powder. As minerals aren’t soluble it is difficult to find them in a liquid form. Some brands succeeded in finding a formulation for liquid foundations, but mostly you’ll find powders.

What to use?

Actually I’m not gonna answer that for you! For my health I would have loved to go mineral all the way! But as a human being , I’m also seduced by gorgeous packaging or a lot of influencers raving about something. You find a mix in my blushes.

Some completely mineral brands I know are, Bellapierre, Mineralissima, Creative Cosmetics, Cents pour Cents (Belgian brand) , Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale,… The first three you’ll find on the left top corner of the picture. But as you see I can’t resist a gorgeous Charlotte Tilburry!

For your information:

A powderblush from Mineralissima contains mica, only this

Charlotte Tilburries Cheek to Cheek blush first ingrediënt on the Inci is talc, it contains minerals but also other non-mineral ingrediënts. But, it’s soooooo beautiful!

I hope you find this topic intresting!

xoxo Ilse

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