How to treat fungal acne?

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I’m no dermatologist, neither a certified skin specialist! But I have treated my two daughters with different types of acne! I wanted to share how I helped them!⁠

  1. Start to double cleanse, use a balmcleanser followed by a mild non foaming cleanser.⁠
  2. Toner: ⁠
    3X/week AHA tonic she uses Glow Tonic @pixibeauty , the other days she uses a Niacinamide toner @goodmolecules ⁠
  3. Treat:⁠
    AM: Mandelic Acid: this helped to fade out the redness remaining after healing the bumps (start slowly and build up, but don’t use it everyday! ) She uses The Ordinary.⁠
    Niacinamide 10 % serum TO, it contains zinc and this is antiseptical, it helps the healing process.⁠
    Vitamin C Serum: you can use any good serum, in the picture you see Truth Serum from @olehenriksen⁠
    PM: BHA 2% Lotion Exfoliant, use this consistantly! It helps healing and treating the lower skinlayers, which is good for blackheads and lower lying bumps.⁠
  4. Moisture: use a light moisturizer (don’t forget your SPF in AM)⁠
  5. Zinc treatment, Wade used Violet Paste from @plenaire_offical night treatment. It contains zinc and Niacinamide and proved to be very helpful using it consistantly!⁠
  6. Sleep on a clean cussion!⁠
  7. Eat healthy and as much fresh vegetables and fruit as possible!
  8. Drink water, move and sleep enough.

Hope I can help you with this advice! But remember you know your skin best!

xoxo Ilse

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