Have you ever heard of Cupping?

It´s a massage technique with benefits for cellulitis, blood circulation, muscle pain. It can be done by a fysician and also by your partner and you can even do it yourself!

I use it to reduce my double chin and reduce pain in my hip and low back.

– silicon cups (see picture) -> cold method
– glass jars -> warm method

1️⃣ Spray or apply a body/face oil abundantly where you want to start cupping.
2️⃣ Press together the cup and put it on your skin while releasing the cup. Your skin is sucked slightly into the cup.
3️⃣ Start moving around in circles on the spot you want to treat. If it hurts release the cup and press less while putting the cup.
4️⃣ Keep moving in circles until you feel your skin warm up and become more bouncy.

What it does?
Cupping is a technique to move your fascia. The fascia of the body normally are elastic but can get stuck due to stress, toxins and injuries. Fascia is a layer of tissue in between our skin and fat and muscles, they are connected throughout our complete body. Being tense in one bodypart induces a disequilibrium which gives complaints at different levels.
In the face I use it for my chin, but also reduce headaches caused by stress. You use a small cup. On my hip I use a big one, it´s quite painful for me because of my underlying condition. For instance for my husband it isn´t painful at all, but when I treat his back he feels really relaxed afterwards.

After a treatment of muscles in your moving parts, you better not do intensive sports giving your body the time to heal!

Cupping made me able to help myself in case of tense muscles and pain! I´m really glad my fysician introduced me to it!

Cups are available in almost every beautyshop!

Happy Cupping!
Xoxo Ilse


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