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Short Review of Beauty of Joseon, Repair serum Ginseng and Snail Mucin

Beauty Of Joseon: Ginseng and Snail Mucin Serum

It’s a lightweight gelly serum that is a little tacky upon appliance but gets absorbed by skin easily.
The serum has no scent. The packaging is a plastic bottle, not glass, that’s a pitty. But the dropper is ok.

Since I use it, I notice a good effect on red parts of my skin. I find it very soothing. I love it!

The serum contains 63% Ginseng root water and 3 % snail mucin. First I was hesitating to try because of the snail mucin. Actually you don’t notice anything groce of this ingrediënt which is a luxury skincare ingrediënt in the East. Other key ingrediënts are Niacinamide, Adenosine and Matsutake.
Ginseng has a lot of anti-aging properties and a brownish colour!

Gorgeous Packaging

Snail mucin has regenerating properties! I must say I was quite impressed with this little beauty. Ginseng has a lot of anti-oxidants, it is called a natural skin balancer used by the dynasty of Joseon back in 1500. It boosts blood circulation pushing cells to produce collagen, it balances oil production, it inhibits melanin production and it had anti-inflammatory properties.

LATE August Empties

Empties of August

In August I didn’t have so many empties! But the last months everything seemed to empty, so luckily this trend has disappeared! I did have some empties of which I’ve been missing a substitution!

Touchland Power Mist

Hands down, this is the best sanitizer I’ve ever come accros! Usually you have a disgusting feeling when you need to sanitize your hands due to the alcohol scent and the dry feeling that comes with it!

With Touchland it’s a whole different story! The moment you use it, you’re in wonderland of scents! Really it’s such a great sensual experience! I never experienced dryness even with the alcohol it contains! They add beautiful moisturizers to the mist, which actually don’t dry your hands! I really loved using it!

One downside! It finished so soon! The packaging is very small, but beautiful! With the hot weather I have the feeling it damped away!

Good Molecules Niacinamide Toner

This is our third bottle! It’s such a hydrating toner! It also works wonders on my large pores! I was so disappointed it finished again, but today my refill arrives! Actually I feel quite a crazy person, living in Belgium and ordering a toner in USA! It must explain my love for the Niacinamide Toner! This is also possible because Beautylish clears its customs for you! The difference in money is huge, because Belgium Customs always applies a fine (22€ and more) on top of its percentage of customs! When the transporter does this in advance for you, there is no fine!

Earth Harbor Tidal Rose

I love Earth Harbor! They have such great products! This is one of them! I really enjoyed the mist! It was very hydrating. I used it as a refreshing mist during summer time, as hydrating toner during my skincare and as a fixing spray! For all these purposes it was great! When I received the bottle the liquid was of a light rose colour, but after a while it became colorless! I don’t know why it was!

I would definately repurchase this if Earth Harbor managed to clear customs in advance, but a lot of brands don’t do this. Probably because they don’t have the large amount of export that a beautyshop has! So I don’t blame them, it’s just a pitty!

Pixi Glow Tonic

Again, a finished bottle of this toner! I think you know my enthousiasm when the empties swing out our doors! I must admit, I’m very careful with acids, with my aged skin, with the tendency to getting dry and/or red! I use acids depending on my skin condition! Sometimes I can really feel dead skin needs to be removed, this happens once or twice a week! My daughters use it daily! Putting Pixi glow tonic in or out their routine is a great difference in them breaking out! They have acne prone skin. They also use niacinamide and BHA and they hydrate very well! If they stick well to their routine, they manage to keep blemishes at bay! I think I will propose them the new blue Pixi serum!

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra and C-Tango

Actually I can be very short! These came in a set which I bought at Cult Beauty at Christmas last year. I kept them until the beginning of August to use them, I really looked forward to it! It’s too late to contact Cult Beauty, but they were empty!

I pumped and pumped, almost a hundred times, finally opened the packaging, to notice there was nothing in it! To be short, B-hydra is a lovely hydrating serum and I like it a lot, but I think it’s too expensive.
C-tango is a lovely eye cream, but I used it too little and this was a packaging to form my opinion, unfortunately it didn’t work out. My first impression was that I loved the texture, it was very soothing but I wondered if it also decongested my undereyearea. It’s for another time!

Hope you liked my short reviews about the empties! Next month more, there are some nice empties!

xoxo Ilse

Mineral make-up versus synthetic make-up

My blush collection!

You probably have heard of mineral sunscreen? Why is there such a hype around it?
Because they are healthier for our body! People absorb a part of the make-up and skincare they are wearing! You know we use 4kg of products on our body during a year! Needless to say it might be healthier to look for healthy alternatives! Mineral sunscreen has the side effect of leaving a white cast, but if you search well you’ll probably find one suitable for you!

Anyway, there’s also mineral make-up! It’s a healthier alternative to synthetical make-up!

What is mineral make-up?

Pure mineral make-up is made out of minerals. Minerals are substances that appear in nature as a vaste material, like stone. It’s formed through geological processes! You can recognize them in the Inci as ironoxide, zincoxide, mica, titanium oxide (sun protectance) , … As it is becoming quite popular the word mineral is often used to sell. So if you want to go 100% for mineral make-up you need to check the Inci list!

Most minerals are very beneficiary for the skin! But beware of talc. Technically it’s also a mineral, but it attract fluids. Using talc in make-up prevents you from being shiny when you have oily skin. But there is a downside to talc. Using it often and much can make your skin so dry that it starts overproducing sebum. This is the reason why many brands pitch theirselves as talc-free.

Reasons why I could use mineral make-up

Minerals are non-comodogenic, it doesn’t block our pores! Minerals are bigger molecules than ingrediënts of synthetic make-up. Synthetic make-up is often designed to fill our pores so they aren’t visual any more. Therefor it is more probable it causes break-outs! Mineral ingredients are over the skin, leaving it breathe.

One might think it isn’t full coverage! But mineral make-up in the purest form, powder, is very buildable. You just need the right brush! A flat kabuki will have a more covered effect than a fluffy brush!

Many mineral ingrediënts have antisceptic properties, they prevent skin from inflamation! Therefor it’s very benificiary to those who are acneprone!

Using it helps your sunscreen. Mostly it contains zinc-oxide and titanium-oxide which reflect sunlight! But please use them as an extra sunscreen. You have to apply a ton of product before you reach a decent protection!

Powder vs fluid

Mostly pure mineral make-up is in powder. As minerals aren’t soluble it is difficult to find them in a liquid form. Some brands succeeded in finding a formulation for liquid foundations, but mostly you’ll find powders.

What to use?

Actually I’m not gonna answer that for you! For my health I would have loved to go mineral all the way! But as a human being , I’m also seduced by gorgeous packaging or a lot of influencers raving about something. You find a mix in my blushes.

Some completely mineral brands I know are, Bellapierre, Mineralissima, Creative Cosmetics, Cents pour Cents (Belgian brand) , Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale,… The first three you’ll find on the left top corner of the picture. But as you see I can’t resist a gorgeous Charlotte Tilburry!

For your information:

A powderblush from Mineralissima contains mica, only this

Charlotte Tilburries Cheek to Cheek blush first ingrediënt on the Inci is talc, it contains minerals but also other non-mineral ingrediënts. But, it’s soooooo beautiful!

I hope you find this topic intresting!

xoxo Ilse

Empties of July

Full review of all my empties shown in previous Instagram Post

A whole lot of empties

With three ladies in the house we consume a lot of skincare! Normally my oldest daughter Mirte lives in Leuven, but due to Covid19 she’s also home with us since March 2020. Wade, our youngest, is nearly 13 she starts to suffer from blemishes and is using some products too! Most of the products are emptied by Mirte, good to know is that she’s acne prone and has oily skin! If you have the same skintype you can relate, if not just bare this in mind!

But actually in the picture are included also some stuff I decluttered! Reasons for the decluttering vary. Continue reading if you want to know all about it!


Avene HYDRANCE INTENS REHYDRATEREND SERUM : I used this sample once, but I just don’t like the scent of it. All the products are scented. I never have a problem with scented, unless it irritates me or I don’t like it. Furthermore I didn’t experience a very hydrating feeling. Some products I do like from Avène.

Tonic Delicate Flowers, by L’Oreal⁠. This tonic has a gorgeous scent, but artificial. I bought it before I was into skincare, using these kinds of products. Let me say, if you don’t experience problems with this, and it gives you great skin, don’t discontinue the usage! But it was left since 2 years unused and half empty on my vanity, so I decided to through it away! The scent was still beautiful!

Cleansing gel for sensitive skin from Mixa. The use of this gel irritated my skin so I quit using it! This was 2 years ago, so I guess you know why I decluttered!

Bio Oil used by Mirte for stretchmarks. It didn’t work, I used it afterwards because it isn’t cheap, but it didn’t work for me neither! I don’t know why because it receives very good reviews and results worldwide! I decided to declutter, because it containes paraffinum, a petrolatum which I prefer not to use! Anyway they released a totally natural version in the second half of this year!

Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Balm Revitalising Supreme @esteelauder⁠ : this cream was my first encounter with more luxurious skincare. This was a mini which I received in a lotery at the local tennisclub! But boy I enjoyed it. I really understood that taking care of my face would make a difference in how my skin looked like! I don’t say you have the result of a face lift, but surely fine lines will reduce with a good eye cream, because they mainly are caused by lack of collagen and elastin, but adding hyaluronic acid already makes a huge difference! I would have rebought this cream, back than if it didn’t cost more than 60 euro for 15ml. I started searching for good skincare that didn’t cost the earth and that’s where my fascination began!

@clinique  Liquid facial soap, mild for dry, combination skin. I used this as a cleanser for a long time⁠ until I started to experience redness in my face! I banned products with SLS out of my routine, and this was one of them. Because it was from Clinique I kept it on my shelf, but it’s there since ages now, this can’t be good any longer! I banned SLS out of my shampoo’s, my showergel, my facial cleansers and actually a lot of my skinconcerns disappeared. If I”m in need of a product containing surfactants, I try to verify if they use gentle vegetal ones!

Revitalising foam wash from @atelierrebulbenelux  I have to thank them, because they where the first to hand over a PR package to me! It was early 2018 when I first wrote an e-mail to some brands I was intrested in, they stood at my doorstep with a package some minutes later! After that they started working with bigger and younger Belgian influencers and our roads seperated. This was part of that first package! This cleansing foam didn’t work that well for me, the rest of their line did, I kept it for a very long time out of nostalgia, but now it is time to say goodbye!


Oil cleansing from @hadalabotokyo : this is finished and rebought! The user is Mirte (23y), she’s in love with this cleansing oil. It’s a very light cleansing oil and emoliates very well! It leaves her skin hydrated, but eliminates sebum very well. A surplus is that it has a very reasonable price! Sometimes I use it too, and it’s really lovely!

Oil cleansing from @caudalie : this is finished and rebought also by Mirte. The bottle was used for another oil without a pump and therefor it is only now in our empties! I started using it, I liked it a lot and recommended double cleansing and oil cleansing to my daughter. It has a really light almond scent. She started with this one. She liked it, it emoliates very well and doesn’t strip the skin. Since we like trying skincare to compare after 3 rebuys she switched to the Hadalabo one, because it’s half the price of this one! You can buy Caudalie through our affiliate links to Skinstore in the USA! In Belgium you can find it in a lot of Pharmacies or in their on-line store!

All nighter ultra matte by @urbandecaycosmetics was bought and rebought. Searched for a setting spray which kept Mirte matte, but she ALWAYS returns to this one! She prone to acne and has oily skin, she swears by this setting spray as its the only one that really keeps her matte and in place! In Belgium or the Netherlands you can buy it at Ici Paris XL or at Douglas. For UK and the rest of the world you can find it at Cultbeauty .

Retinol tonic and H2O skindrink are from ⁠@pixibeauty – @pixibeautyuk . This is a tonic Mirte uses, it is one step in her routine which helps controlling her break-outs! We include retinol, BHA and AHA in her routine and of course a light moisturizer. This combination helps her a lot! She really likes the Retinol tonic! The H2O skindrink is a gel moisturizer which she finished and liked a lot. It was a mini, she would rebuy if it included SPF!

Chamomille and Rosehip calming daycream @paiskincare ! I used it completely and I’m very disappointed that it’s finished! It has a creamy yellow texture, most probably due to the rosehip! It’s a light cream but its really soothing and I noticed it really helped with redness caused by my Rosacea. It doesn’t contain dimethicone which I like and it’s certified organic. It has really hydrating mostly plant ingrediënts and therefor vegan! It’s ideal to restore your skinbarrier after over usage of acids! Thumbs up for this soothing and restoring moisturizer.😀😀 🎉⁠

Resveratol , this is a line with single actives! I received this as a sample. It’s most beautiful packaging because each active had another colour. But for single actives I found it expensive. The sample was too little to know exactly what it did! It was fun using though but for 30ml it costs 59euro, compared to the Ordinary it’s a lot! But they have a nice service on their website! You fill out a form and it tells you which serums you can use for your routine to have a personal routine which suits you! Link (not affiliated)

Water Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer Paula’s Choice : I used this one. I liked it a lot! It is a very lightweight moisturizer, it feels very refreshing on the skin and has a white cream texture. It somehow dissolves on the skin and gets absorbed in an instant, leaving your skin moistured! It’s for dehydrated skin but too light for dry skin! Perfect for oily or combination skin types with a lack of hydration! It has no scent at all, like most of PC’s products. It does contain dimethicone, but it doesn’t feel slippery or too slidy! If you are on the dry side, you can add a drop of face-oil!

Okay, if you liked this blogpost please put a star or wright an appreciating comment! It’s the only way I know what it did to you! Even if you didn’t like it, let me know and let me know what you would like to read instead!

Have a lovely day!
xoxo Ilse

Skincare Review Bamboology, Niche Beauty Lab

Bamboology skincare by Niche Beauty Lab

Introducing to you Bamboology!⁠ A creation of @nichebeautylab !

Bamboology stands for tradition, minimalism and organic! ⁠They combine nature and science in the most beautyful way! I had the honour to try some anti-aging products:.

Sakura cleansing balm

I’m always a little excited when it comes to try a new cleansing balm, because as you know I have the high standard of the Emma Hardie one! The appearance of the balm looks good! Not too white, a natural colour, good consistancy and solves beautifully in your palm. The scent is not overwhelming, gentle and a hint of cherry. It takes my make-up of and doesn’t dry out! Key ingrediënts are Cherry Extract, Green Tea Butter, Eco Lotus Flower Water, Eco Bamboo Water, Wasabi, Ginger, Rice Oil, Carrot Oil, Soybean Oil, Sesame Oil. It’s a huge packaging, 100ml and I would certainly rebuy!⁠

Soft eyes revive

This is in between a gel and a cream, it feels very fresh on the skin and very lightweight. It sinks into the skin very well, leaving it soft! It helps with my dark circles, using it just for a while now, I cannot conclude long term effects. In the evening I add my face oil to it! Ingrediënts are Eco Lotus Water ,Eco Bamboo Water, White Tea Extractn Rice Oil, Centella, Chamomile, Licorice, and Rosemary.⁠

Jeju Jori face miracle

Lovely water based face serum with a gel texture. At appliance it feels tacky, but sinks in very fast. This formula is based on the powerful antioxidant capacity of rice oil, sesame oil and cherry oil. I feel its very moisturizing and it has a good effect on my fine lines. It has a delicate scent that gives a luxorious touch using it. I love it so much that I would count it one of my favourite water based serums!⁠

Guys! What do you think about this packaging? I absolutely adore it! If you are intrested in buying products of this brand I can share a reduction code with you! Just check out the page of my codes, there’s a 25% of for Niche Beautylab! 💗⁠

*gifted by the brand⁠

Cleansing Balms

My prefered cleansing balms at the moment!

Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm

All about my 1st cleanse or cleansing balms!
I start with the queen of all cleansing balms, the one which made me familiar with them, Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm! This is such a flabbergasting Spa experience! It spreads beautifully, it takes make-up, spf or in the morning any excess of oil and turns in to a beautiful milk and washes all impurities away, all with the most beautiful scent! You hear me I love it!

A.Florence Balm to milk cleanser

Then you have the A.Florence Balm to milk cleanser! This retails for a lot less than the am. The cream itself is more to the pink side, has the texture of a balm and it is as effective as the Moringa cleansing balm. It has a really lovely scent to, but not so overwhelming! If you don’t like a scent of natural but essential oils, than this one is better suited than the Emma Hardies. I need to say that I love this balm in the same way, and it’s scent is also great and relaxing! My choice between these two just depends on my state of mind!

Watermelon cleansing Balm from Indeed labs

I bought the Watermelon cleansing Balm from Indeed labs, completely influenced by the gram! Having great Spa expectations I was disappointed. Texture is fine, melting into the skin is fine, emoliation is fine, but there is no scent! Well there is, but it’s an earthy natural oil scent. So if you need a cleansing balm and don’t need the spa experience it is really great! I can really advise it though! I just had other expectations!

What product did you buy because someone raved on it on the gram, and when you used it you just expected something completely different? I would love to get into contact with you guys, so shoot!
xoxo Ilse😘

New Skincare by Nichebeautylab

Nichebeautylab contacted me to send me their new anti-aging line Biod. I was very surprised seeing that this line was gel-texture. Usually anti-aging creams are creamy! The packaging is just amazing and their price tag is really great! I received their Miracle Essence, Eye Contour Concentrate and their Day Cream. I used them for 2 weeks before informing you of their results!

Time for digging in on these products!


I used it after 2nd cleanse with a cotton pad. It has a delicate fruity scent which reminds me of some baby wipes, but it disappears on the skin. Main ingrediënts are Juveleven Peptide, Antarctic Active, Green Caviar. The peptide is 4th of the Inci list after water and glycerin. The Antarctic active is a biotechnologically derived ingredient that is produced by the fermentation of a marine bacteria living in the cold Antarctic Ocean. There is also a sea grape extract, Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract in it which has anti-oxidant, anti-viral, hypolipidaemic and anti-cancer properties. There’s also a concentrate of the AHA citric acid in the essence which is a mild chemical exfoliant!

Texture: it’s a purple water texture
Experience: hydrating and refreshing on the skin, helps to absorb the following step in your routine. I had no issues with this essence, but I advise you to pad test because there is some fragrance in it. Fragrance is at the end of the Inci.

Rebuy: Yess! Great value for the price tag and the only peptide Essence I know is the Juva Miracle boost serum essence which is far more expensive!


I used this gel-like day cream after my serums! The sent is the same as the essence, it’s fresh on the skin due to the gel texture I guess! Base ingrediënts are the same of the Essence, but they added Wheat Seed Extract, Barley Seed Extract, Ginseng Extract, Peach Juice, Apple Juice. There’s also vitamin E and citric acid. All ingrediënts which improve the resistance against damages caused by environmental factors. and provides hydration and elasticity, avoiding cell deterioration that causes premature skin aging. There is no dimethicone in the formula, neither is there another silicone. I appreciate this very much!

Texture: It’s a transparant slightly purple gel.
Experience: Upon appliance it also feels very refreshing. It spreads really easily and the texture doesn’t change. In the beginning it feels a little bit tacky, but it absorbs very soon, leaving soft touch skin. I thought it wouldn’t be hydrating enough during the whole day and I would have felt dry let’s say after 5 hours or so. But the opposite was true, I remained hydrated all day! I love this formula!

Rebuy: Really yes! Great price tag for anti-aging skincare, love the formula, it feels really hydrating and is really refreshing in summer!


I used this one instead of my ceramide eye cream from Paula’s Choice. I tapped it around my eye on the lids. It applies really easy. The scent is not so noticeble as in the essence or the day cream. It feels refreshing and has a good impact on puffiness! It has the peptides in the formula as well as hawthorn flower extract and jasmine flower extract.

Texture: It’s a transparant slightly purple gel.
Experience: Upon appliance it also feels very refreshing. It spreads really easily and the texture becomes slightly more liquid. Because of this, a little goes a long way! You only need the tiniest amount of gel! In the beginning it feels a little bit tacky, but it absorbs very soon, leaving a hydrated underey area. Although I can’t say anything negative of this formula, I do prefer a cream. I can’t explain, but I just had the feeling I need more on my undereyes than peptides.

Rebuy: If I was younger I would! Great price tag for anti-aging eye cream! I think this eye concentrate will protect you from 25 to 45 in a really good way! But I do like ceramides and collagen added to my eye cream.

General conclusion

I think Nichebeautylab did a great job creating this line! I checked out their website and they have many brands on it. They produced in the past for many great skincare brands, but now started to make skin, hair and body care with their own brands. Certainly a player in the beauty market to keep an eye on!

xoxo Ilse

*these products were gifted by the brand, links in this article are by no means sponsored! I have a discount code for my followers! Check it out on the couponpage!

🌧️ A bronzer a day keeps the rain away…⁠


Actually this is what I hope! These three are the ones I’m reaching for lately. They’re all in the lightest shade exept Hoola, is in the original shade. ⁠

One thing they have in common is that they’re all matte! I like my bronzers and brushes matte!⁠ .⁠ Concerning their textures.

The most velvety one certainly is Hoola from Benefit followed by Nars Vallarta. Off course there is an enormous difference in price tag between these two and the Physicians Formula Murmuru bronzing powder. For a budget friendly bronzer, this one certainly is the best one could find! It feels really gentle on the skin, but is a little more powdery than the other two!⁠ .

I love the fact that bronzers are now available in real light colours, they result in a real natural look and give you the slightest sunkissed skin without making you cakey and orange. These three are also really cool toned, which is great for me!⁠

For deeper skintones Nars has Quirimba a deeper redbrown and Samoa a deeper goldbrown. Benefit also has Hoola Caramel and Hoola toasted for deeper skintones!⁠

What are your favourite bronzers? Are you a matte or a shimmery type? I’m really curious to know, so tell me all about it!⁠

xoxo Ilse⁠

Empties of June 2020

Empties of June 2020

Hi loves

I actually forgot to post this one in the beginning of the month! I am so sorry! So here I am with a quick update on my empties of June! Hope this information is useful to you!

*** Hadalabo Gokuyun Toner: actually I was really happy with this toner! It is extremely hydrating and tends more to a serum than to a toner. Furthermore the packaging is huge (170ml), so it lasts you for ages! It’s a hydrating lotion and contains 3 different sizes of HA to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin! I would certainly rebuy this one!

*** Pixi Glow Tonic: Normally you know that I have this one always in a back-up. This maybe is our 5th bottle or so! Great gentle chemical exfoliator!

*** Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer: More than a moisturizer this also is an anti-aging cream due to the peptides in it. It is a medium light moisturizer which helps me reduce my fine lines while plumping my skin. It leaves my skin glowy! I feel really safe when using it and I also have a back-up ready! In winter time I prefer mixing in with a face oil for a little extra, allthough I do find it moisturizing enough! A pitty is that it is expensive retailing for 68$. I will continue using my back-ups, but when they are finished I have a lot of moisturizers ready to try out!

*** Dr Roebucks Ningalo serum: I actually bought this serum because I was so much in love with it’s colour! It has a liquid blue texture, which is as lightweight as water. The ingrediënt list is really short. It sinks in really fast and it’s a very good serum to add peptides to your routine in case you have none! Peptides are necessary in skincare when you’re +30, they are necessary ingrediënts for your skin to produce collagen which keeps your skin souple and plump! So when I use a moisturizer without peptides I use this serum in my routine or the buffet serum from The Ordinary. They both contain copper-peptides (responsible for the blue colour). When using I really notice a difference from when I don’t. Not at short notice, but when I started adding peptides to my routine my skin improved a lot after 7 to 8 weeks! I definately recommend this serum!

*** The Ordinary Niacinamide: My daughters are using this always to prevent them from having blackheads. It’s really efficient! When they run out and stopped using, they saw the blackheads forming after a few days! They now always have back-ups! The Ordinary now has a bottle of 60ml and they are really glad about it! Products from The Ordinary are always very economical!

** Australian Gold Mineral tinted sunscreen spf 50 : This SPF was my favourite last year! Unfortunately it is overdue, so I prefer not to risk my skin from getting burned! I would certainly recommend this sunscreen as it is mattifying, great make-up base, has a blurring effect due to the skintone, it’s not expensive, it’s mineral!

* Bioderma Sensibio AR Anti-Rougeurs moisturizer : This was during a long time the only skincare I used before informing me better. I cleansed, and I used this moisturizer under my make-up. No SPF, nothing else during my first 35 years! I guess it is good because I am really glad with my skin! I don’t have many deep lines or wrinkles and no severe skin conditions, and I never had plastic surgery. Now I use a 10step skincare method to keep it this way as long as possible, and this is not enough any more at the moment!

** Bioderma Sensibio AR BB cream : Actually more or less the same situation. This was my BB cream for years, I still like it! It’s such a gentle BB cream!

** Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: My daughter Mirte advised me this concealer! I have used it during a year and it doesn’t set into wrinkles, it covers all imperfections and it’s not expensive! The only downsize to me is the applicator! I do find it highly unhygienic and I cannot dose it in minimal quantities like I’m used to with concealer! I will not rebuy it, but I do recommend it if you have no issues with sponge application!

*** Rituals Handbalm Ritual of Sakura: Great rich hand balm! It’s a rich cream, feeling really soft! It gives your hands a boost of hydration! I do use a towel to take it of my palms so that they don’t remain greasy! The perfume is so great and I liked it very much!

Japanese sunscreen

Skin Aqua

Ready to take some sun?

These two are now out of their packaging and I’m testing them, 😁⁠
Skin Aqua is Japanese.

Rohto SKIN AQUA SARAFIT Essence UV 80g is a chemical UVA and UVB sunscreen factor 50! Active ingrediënts are Octinoxate, Uvinul A and Tinosol S. It’s a very liquid and light fluid which spreads out and absorbs easily. It leaves no white cast at all! I use it instead of a primer! It claims having a great moisturing effect due to the hyaluronic acid in the formula. It’s fragrance free and should be sweat proof. I never had one which was sweat proof. Actually it works well in quite hot weather! I usually get stingy eyes when I start sweating with an spf, therefor I always use mineral sunscreen with natural ingrediënts without fragrance. But this one doesn’t stinge when I start sweating. The second ingrediënt on the inci after water is denat. alcohol, this is a dummer if you want to avoid it. Although I usually avoid it, it didn’t irritate neither did it dry out my sensitive skin! It leaves a matte effect even with me being oily in my t-zone. Therefor I shouldn’t recommend it to dry skin. It was a completely different experience than western sunscreen, I liked it, but will not continue using it! This sunscreen is disontinued october 2019, but it is still available through some sellers on amazon. It isn’t reefsafe and can disturb hormonal balance.
Rohto Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Pink SPF50 40ml. When I first used it, I didn’t shake with the tiny bottle and I was surprised of the water coming out! Then I shaked it, because you need to mix it well before usage. This actually is liquid as milk with a pink/white colour. It also apllies as water and blends so beautiful in the skin. ⁠It has chemical sunscreen as well as fysical sunscreen on the inci. It’s fragrance free, and unlike the above mentioned, alcohol is further in the inci. It contains pink micro fine pearlescent particles, which should give you a brightened complexion. It also contains skin soothing ingrediënts like HA, amino acids and hydrolized collagen. It wears very well under make-up. It doesn’t sting in the eyes and leaves no white cast. I loved the finish. The downside of these is that they do containe octinoxate, which isn’t reefsafe, can disturb hormonal balance and could be irritating.

If you don’t bother about the octinoxate and need a well performing sunscreen with a lovely finish these both are suitable!
Have a lovely Thursday friends!

Empties of April

I actually notice that my last post were our empties of March! Now we are a month further! Time passes by so quickly! A lot of products emptied during the past month or expired.

Expired Products

Magical Moringa from Lush : I really loved it when I first bought it. Warmed up in your hands it was a lovely natural primer, and make-up sat really good on top! But on top of my skincareroutine it started to pill after a while. I don’t know what happened. So I didn’t reach out to it any more and now it has expired.

Vanishing Cream from Lush : Beautiful natural moisturizer for oily skin, mattified really well leaving you hydrated. Had no scent and no dimethicone or other silicones and really lovely ingrediënts. I only couldn’t finish it, because I tested other moisturizers and needed something richer during winter time. Now it’s expired. A pitty, because I really loved it in summertime when I was al sweaty it did a great job, keeping me matte!

Brow Artist Plumber from L’Oréal : actually I wanted to create brows where there were none, it was impossible with this. It’s good when you need to accentuate your brows and tame them. The color was good for ash blondes, and this is hard to find.


Kadalys Hydramuse moisturizer
I enjoyed this moisturizer so much, I bought two refills! It’s a beautiful natural moisturizer for sensitive and dry skintypes. It’s nourishing, soothing and creamy thanks to the properties of yellow banana, mango butter and hyaluronic acid. Texture is smooth and creamy, but penetrates quickly. I found it suitable for mature skin too! It has a real delicate scent, but fragrances are at the end of the Inci list. To me, it didn’t irritate. This is definately a rebuy!

Niacinamide Toner, Goodmolecules
This is a toner used by all three of us (ages 50, 23 and 12), and we all liked it. We stocked up 3 bottles and in 2 weeks we finished the first. It helps me to keep my pores clean and it’s also gentle and hydrating to my skin. The toner is in between gel and water, I love the texture. Has no scent and even a ferment filtrate, which helps a lot with your skin barrier! Goodmolecules is a skincare brand of Beautylish, and it’s prices are the same as The Ordinary! This is a stayer in our routines!

Buffet, The Ordinary
Certainly a rebuy! This is a mixture of all goodness for aging skin! It has different kinds of peptides in it and a ferment (probiotic complex), mixture of different Hyaluronic Acids. Without peptides, skin doesn’t remain intact and the result is loss of firmness, more wrinkles, texture changes, and less bouncy skin. Combining peptides, proteins are formed and proteins are the fundamental building blocks of skin. If I cancel this in my routine, I notice it after two weeks, if I didn’t replace it with another Multi-source of peptides.

Calm Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30, Paula’s Choice
This SPF lasted me for ages! Even if I used it every day! Sometimes I skip my moisturizer and use this instead. I liked it a lot because I prefer a mineral spf above a chemical one. In the beginning it left me with no whitecast at all, but lately it started pilling and leaving a slight white cast. I suppose the mineral of the SPF has sunk to the bottem and has left this last bit a little different. I don’t know if this is possible, but this is the only explanation I can give. Anyway I would rebuy, but I’m now looking for a more anti-aging SPF!

Dream Overnight Face Serum, Elanskincare
I have a full-size always available. This is an oily face serum with vitamin C. I use it when I have a dull appearance and I’m in need of an extra overnight dose of vitamin C. I mix it with HA for a quickie. For a long routine, I use it as last step mixed in with my moisturizer. It’s a combination of plant oils like pomegranate, sea buckthorn, and oat kernel, combined with  botanical actives: organic rosehip and carrot seeds extracts. It certainly is a rebuy!

Hydration Booster A. Florenceskincare
A lovely combo of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and peptides! A must-have in your stash! It’s a gellish liquid texture, doesn’t leave a tacky feeling and is completely absorbed. I don’t know the effect in the long term, but I’m very curious though to see it’s effects! When I’ve finished my niacinamides on my shelf I’m surely gonna test this one!

Skin Rehab A. Florence Skincare
I ordered the face lotion for sensitised skin and also received a sample of rich face cream. I first started using my sample. It really is a rich cream, which has no scent and has a coffeemilk colour. Main ingrediënt is Murmuru butter, which is rich in vegetable silicones and great for sensitive skin. It has ceramides, centella, oat betaglucan and much more beautiful soothing and nourishing ingrediënts. I used it as part of a PM routine for some days when I had red cheeks from Rosacea. When it happens, I always reach for products I’m absolutely sure of that they can do only good. My Rosacea mildered gradually during the days of usage. I guess it is an absolutely great cream to have in your stash when you suffer from dry skin! For me this is great but not for each evening. I will buy a travel size and hope to finish it before shelflife!

Indigo Soothing Hand Cream, Tatcha
Love the texture and colout of this handcream. Found it to be moisturizing at first. It was a bit tacky and I had to whipe of the innerside of my hands. After an hour or so, my hands didn’t feel comfortable any longer, they appeared to be dryer than before. I thought it was strange. Therefor I checked the ingrediënts. And if you are avoiding mineral oils, you should avoid this one, because it contains Petrolatum as the third ingrediënt. I won’t buy this hand cream, I prefer vegetable oils in my skincare. If you want to know why, read this.

Bring the Zing, Wow You
This was the PM moisturizer of my oldes daughter Mirte, 23 and suffering from Hormonal Acne. She first used Glow to sleep their Retinol moisturizer and liked it a lot and now finished this one. It helps her with her oily skin and break outs. Her acne is under control and she just has an occasional pimple, but not as harsh any more! She will definately replace it!

Intral Redness Relief serum, Darphin
I was so glad this sample was added to my order of Douglas, you cannot imagine! This pink gorgeous bottle has been eying on me for so long! Since I suffer from Rosacea I thought it would be perfect for me! I thought it might be my holy grail! It is a watery substance with a medium floral scent. It soaks in really wonderfull and isn’t tacky. I only used it 3 times, so I can’t speak about the long term. But what I do know is that I’m not gonna buy this! It irritates my skin! Sometimes I don’t understand mostly French brands! They add fragrance to products who should absolutely avoid fragrances! And this is the perfect example! So glad I first tried this sample, so I can spend my money to less expensive and more efficient products.

Where to buy? (no affiliate links, just a service )

The Ordinary
Wow You
Elan Skincare
Tatcha Europe
Paula’s Choice

Affiliate Links

The Ordinary


The Buffet

Empties of March 2020

Our Empties

Lately everything empties in the same moment. Longtime I had no empties and now everything is finished together, 😂!⁠

@Ecooking Moisturizing Serum 20ml This was a really good serum, I used it instead of my Hyaluronic Acid and Buffet from TO, and I really loved it. It has a high content of moisture and Tripeptides, I would rebuy if it was a little less expensive. (52€ for 20ml)⁠

@pixibeautyuk I just finished my glowtonic, but I just received a huge bottle with my name on it 💗 . I love it so much!⁠

@evoluderm.france This tonic was used by Wade, my girl of 12 . It contains niacinamide and it was really good in treating her blackheads and keeping her skin pimplefree!⁠

@theinkeylist Q10 and collagen, I used these very often. Must say that I really don’t know if the collagen was so effective, but I absolutely adore the Q10! It’s my third bottle and my fourth is in stock!!⁠

@drunkelephant B-hydra, a fast absorbing moisture serum. I need a lot of it to feel hydrated, it absorbs so quick but it keeps my skin hydrated for a long time!⁠

@native_essentials Finished Azur a lovely calming blue face oil! If you like Lapis, you would like this too! It’s a fast absorbing face oil, which really calms your skin! It was great! A pitty it is finished!⁠

Love to see your empties!⁠

xoxo Ilse

Customerservice SpaceNK

I wanted to inform you about an outstanding customerservice from SpaceNK.
I ordered a @briogeo
Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask at SpaceNK. First it got stuck at customs because for some reason it was considered as an hazardous good! Normally there even’t isn’t any custom issue betweem Belgium and the UK, but yeah it got stuck!
The package arrived after a month! I opened the package of Customs, than the Package of SpaceNK and then the Box of Briogeo which was intact! But the bottle inside the cardboard was broken! I couldn’t understand, everything outside was intact?

So I contacted customerservice and they would send me another one if I agreed! That was fine by me, but later I received a mail that they couldn’t ship another one because they are unable to send aerosol items internationally. They adapted it on their website.
I was compensated the worth of the product, and they sent me all the deluxe minies in the picture! I was really gratefull!
I don’t know about you guys, but not always shops are so attentive! Thanks Grace @SpaceNK!

xoxo Ilse

Native Essentials

Native Essentials: A short introduction

Native Essentials developed a two step beautyroutine for the woman who doesn’t have much time and who wants to do everything efficiently, even her beautyroutine. Native Essentials have in this moment 8 supercharged products.

The routine takes only 2 steps: water + oil for day and night! Simple isn’t it?

I was instructed this routine before by Joanna from Elan Skincare London, who informed me to use 3 drops of their Dream Hyaluronic Acid and add 1 or 2 drops of their Wonder serum (oil).

I was really fine with it!

So important with this method is that your water element and your oil element are charged with the right actives! Native Essentials charge the water ingrediënt with water soluble plant extracts, anti-oxidants, probiotics and phyto-complex. The oil ingrediënt with essential oils, lipid derived anti-oxidants and vitamins. Working in this way means elimination of emulsifiers and solubilizers to bind water and oil. This is extremely benificial for your skin!

Native Essentials use 100% natural or botanical ingrediënts thoughtfully chosen for their high performance!

I was able to test their Nourish + Repair kit with the HAE light moisturizer and SHAANT regenerating oil. They advise in the morning using only HAE and in the evening HAE followed by SHAANT. I used AM and PM first HAE, the moisturizer followed by SHAANT the face oil.



HAE Light moisturizer
This is a very lightweight cream, odorless for me, which is absorbed really quickly on my skin
SHAANT face oil
This is an orange oil which goes on easily and absorbs well, it doesn’t leave your skin oily! The most beautifull aspect of this face oil is its oriental spicy yet fresh scent! It gives me the relaxing feeling I think you should experience taking care of yourself during your AM or PM routine.


HAE Light moisturizer
Contains Glycoin, which is a time release hydration and cell boosting active. There’s Aloe Vera, Probiotics, Anti-oxidant flavanoid Baicalin, phytosterols and vitamin B8. The oils in this moisturizer are squalane and Sacha Inci oil, known for stimulating effect on collegen and elastin.
SHAANT face oil
This is a powerfull blend of rosehip, sea buckthorn, safflower oils and CO2 extracts, vitaminC, Sacha Inci, Pomegranate and Marula oil and extracts. It contains also essential oils for their effects and scent.

My Experience

I really enjoyed using this combo. I did need the SHAANT twice a day, due to my dry skin. Sometimes I mixed both in the palm of my hand and applied them together.
The scent of SHAANT is extremely relaxing, it’s really a nice oil to use with a jade roller or a gua sha taking your time to massage your face. Even quitting all my serums and essences for a while, my skin continued feeling balanced. I had no particular worries, it wasn’t too dry or too oily, and I didn’t have any break-outs.
I can be sensitive to essential oils, but this wasn’t the case. But please patch try before using, when you are sensitive to ingrediënts like essential oils.
My fine lines remained like they were (=under control) but they didn’t become worse. This means it is a decent routine to treat +40 skin, because I always treat my skin very well! I experienced a natural glow and didn’t appear oily!


If you want to simplify your routine, you surely should check them out. They offer solutions for each type of skin. On their website you can also take a quiz to see which products could be appropriate! I enjoyed them very much!

Products were gifted, but opinion is mine!

xoxo Ilse

Review Flow cosmetics and Korento make-up

Bilberry Moisture Cream – Flow Cosmetics

This moisture cream should be a moisture cream for all skin types. I tested it for several weeks. I have a really dry skin with some fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s a really lightweight moisture cream that sinks in right away. It has a delicate fresh scent of lavender and citrus fruit.

Arctic berries seed oil, sunflower oil, lavender water, argan oil , sheabutter and lactic acid
Bilberry seed oil: improves cellular renewment, skin reïnforcement, protects against pollution and contains some good fatty acids who improve skintexture
It also contains some essential oils of lavender, geranium and neroli. These regulate sebum production.

My experiences:
It absorbs completely and fast. I need 1,5 to 2 pumps for my face, as I have dry skin. Oily and combination skin will surely have enough with 1 pump of product.
The immediate effect of the cream was hydration! After some weeks my skin felt also more resilient, it appeared brighter en fine lines looked less deep.
Because I used two pumps, I experimented using a face-oil. I experienced this for me in particular more hydrating and I was fully able to enjoy the benefits of the cream. Because beyond moisturize, it is anti-pollution and anti-wrinkle.
With only a drop of face oil my skin was hydrated during the whole day!
I really enjoyed this moisturizer, it’s absolutely non greasy! It’s really well suited for oily to combination skin. For dry skin I recommend mixing in a face oil or a hyaluronic acid serum.

Korento Vitamin Infused Lip and Cheek tint – cloudberry

Korento is a make-up brand sold on the website of Flow-cosmetics that promises same results as functional make-up but with only natural, healthy biological ingrediënts. I got a chance to try the Lip and Cheek tint. These have 2 vegan varieties and one of them is the one I tested, cloudberry.

Cloudberry Lip and cheek tint

I started using it as a blush. I tried with a flatbrush turning it on the blush itself and then putting it on my cheeks. I wasn’t really satisfied with the result. Now I circle my finger on the surface of the pot and then pad it on my cheeks, just until I have the wanted appearance of the blush. Afterwards I set it with my usual setting powder. I like it very much! It has beautiful caring ingrediënts for the skin, such as their Berry Active Complex. It gives a warm brown nude nude blush shade, which fades out beautifully.

I’m an absolute fan of the application on the cheeks.

On the other hand, I used my finger to apply it on my lips and it’s actually not that covering. It gives a sheen of brown orange on the lips, but doesn’t look really pigmented. I also tried appliance with a lip brush, but in this way I hadn’t the impression I really was transporting product. It does feel really nourishing for the lips, so I would define it as a coloured lip tint, but not a lipstick in a jar. Anyway, the productname is really correct!

As a liptint I do like it a lot! Definately in my purse instead of my tinted lipbalm! It also immediately gives a addition of colour to the face in case you left without a trace of make-up!

My first Natasha Denona Palette⁠

The Coral Palette Natasha Denona

I’ve chosen for the Coral Palette. I’m not going to say anything about the quality of these eye shades! There are no words that can even describe how beautiful they are! Look at the swatches on the second picture! Their staying power is enormous!⁠

Cleansers I’m testing at the moment:⁠
@huangjisoo_official :⁠
Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser :: Moisturizing (R)⁠
Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil (L)⁠
@indie_lee Rosehip Cleanser⁠
@nuxebelgium Face Cleansing gel, Make-up remover Rêve de Miel⁠

*non affiliated links

Talking about ingrediënts. What is cleanbeauty?

Lately I’m really confused about which ingrediënts are to avoid in skincare and which ingrediënts are fine. I’ve been wanting to walk a clean path, but then realising that I had the hugest difficulty with defining what it is. Is it natural? And even natural what is it? Is it organic? And then, what does…


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