Beauty Of Joseon: Ginseng and Snail Mucin Serum

It’s a lightweight gelly serum that is a little tacky upon appliance but gets absorbed by skin easily.
The serum has no scent. The packaging is a plastic bottle, not glass, that’s a pitty. But the dropper is ok.

Since I use it, I notice a good effect on red parts of my skin. I find it very soothing. I love it!

The serum contains 63% Ginseng root water and 3 % snail mucin. First I was hesitating to try because of the snail mucin. Actually you don’t notice anything groce of this ingrediรซnt which is a luxury skincare ingrediรซnt in the East. Other key ingrediรซnts are Niacinamide, Adenosine and Matsutake.
Ginseng has a lot of anti-aging properties and a brownish colour!

Gorgeous Packaging

Snail mucin has regenerating properties! I must say I was quite impressed with this little beauty. Ginseng has a lot of anti-oxidants, it is called a natural skin balancer used by the dynasty of Joseon back in 1500. It boosts blood circulation pushing cells to produce collagen, it balances oil production, it inhibits melanin production and it had anti-inflammatory properties.

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