Skin Aqua

Ready to take some sun?

These two are now out of their packaging and I’m testing them, 😁⁠
Skin Aqua is Japanese.

Rohto SKIN AQUA SARAFIT Essence UV 80g is a chemical UVA and UVB sunscreen factor 50! Active ingrediënts are Octinoxate, Uvinul A and Tinosol S. It’s a very liquid and light fluid which spreads out and absorbs easily. It leaves no white cast at all! I use it instead of a primer! It claims having a great moisturing effect due to the hyaluronic acid in the formula. It’s fragrance free and should be sweat proof. I never had one which was sweat proof. Actually it works well in quite hot weather! I usually get stingy eyes when I start sweating with an spf, therefor I always use mineral sunscreen with natural ingrediënts without fragrance. But this one doesn’t stinge when I start sweating. The second ingrediënt on the inci after water is denat. alcohol, this is a dummer if you want to avoid it. Although I usually avoid it, it didn’t irritate neither did it dry out my sensitive skin! It leaves a matte effect even with me being oily in my t-zone. Therefor I shouldn’t recommend it to dry skin. It was a completely different experience than western sunscreen, I liked it, but will not continue using it! This sunscreen is disontinued october 2019, but it is still available through some sellers on amazon. It isn’t reefsafe and can disturb hormonal balance.
Rohto Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Pink SPF50 40ml. When I first used it, I didn’t shake with the tiny bottle and I was surprised of the water coming out! Then I shaked it, because you need to mix it well before usage. This actually is liquid as milk with a pink/white colour. It also apllies as water and blends so beautiful in the skin. ⁠It has chemical sunscreen as well as fysical sunscreen on the inci. It’s fragrance free, and unlike the above mentioned, alcohol is further in the inci. It contains pink micro fine pearlescent particles, which should give you a brightened complexion. It also contains skin soothing ingrediënts like HA, amino acids and hydrolized collagen. It wears very well under make-up. It doesn’t sting in the eyes and leaves no white cast. I loved the finish. The downside of these is that they do containe octinoxate, which isn’t reefsafe, can disturb hormonal balance and could be irritating.

If you don’t bother about the octinoxate and need a well performing sunscreen with a lovely finish these both are suitable!
Have a lovely Thursday friends!

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