Bamboology skincare by Niche Beauty Lab

Introducing to you Bamboology!⁠ A creation of @nichebeautylab !

Bamboology stands for tradition, minimalism and organic! ⁠They combine nature and science in the most beautyful way! I had the honour to try some anti-aging products:.

Sakura cleansing balm

I’m always a little excited when it comes to try a new cleansing balm, because as you know I have the high standard of the Emma Hardie one! The appearance of the balm looks good! Not too white, a natural colour, good consistancy and solves beautifully in your palm. The scent is not overwhelming, gentle and a hint of cherry. It takes my make-up of and doesn’t dry out! Key ingrediënts are Cherry Extract, Green Tea Butter, Eco Lotus Flower Water, Eco Bamboo Water, Wasabi, Ginger, Rice Oil, Carrot Oil, Soybean Oil, Sesame Oil. It’s a huge packaging, 100ml and I would certainly rebuy!⁠

Soft eyes revive

This is in between a gel and a cream, it feels very fresh on the skin and very lightweight. It sinks into the skin very well, leaving it soft! It helps with my dark circles, using it just for a while now, I cannot conclude long term effects. In the evening I add my face oil to it! Ingrediënts are Eco Lotus Water ,Eco Bamboo Water, White Tea Extractn Rice Oil, Centella, Chamomile, Licorice, and Rosemary.⁠

Jeju Jori face miracle

Lovely water based face serum with a gel texture. At appliance it feels tacky, but sinks in very fast. This formula is based on the powerful antioxidant capacity of rice oil, sesame oil and cherry oil. I feel its very moisturizing and it has a good effect on my fine lines. It has a delicate scent that gives a luxorious touch using it. I love it so much that I would count it one of my favourite water based serums!⁠

Guys! What do you think about this packaging? I absolutely adore it! If you are intrested in buying products of this brand I can share a reduction code with you! Just check out the page of my codes, there’s a 25% of for Niche Beautylab! 💗⁠

*gifted by the brand⁠