I always look forward posting my empties and telling you all about it! Because this stuff was used to the bottem and we know very well how these behave over a long period!

Candy Rain conditioner by Lush

OMG, this scent is so adorable! It’s a sweet scent of tonka and cacao! Your hair smells delicious after using! I loved using it! I didn’t want to buy any more drugstore shampoo and my hair is very dry! This conditioner is told to be very hydrating and I can tell you guys, it is! It makes my stug grey long hair really smooth and silky! Styling is so easy afterwards! I do also use a leave in treatment afterwards!

Veneffect Pore Minimising Cleanser

I used up a sample of this cleanser from 15ml. So lets say it was no long usage! I mostly used it when I woke up to skin on the oilier side. I always have large pores so I was glad to test it! The texture is a gel, which lathers on wet skin. You need just a tiny amount of it to clean your face and chest. My skin felt clean and not stripped. It’s not really hydrating and I can’t talk about the effect on my pores because I think you need to use this continuously. I always choose my cleanser in function of how my skin feels when I get up or when I need to clean my face!

Sensibio Miscellar Water Bioderma

I almost never use miscellar water, but when I do I use this one! It’s a simple efficiĆ«nt soothing product! If you like to use miscellar water this is a must try!

Mini Cleansing Balm Good Molecules

This is a very white balm, which to me just looks a bit artificial. I guess most of you will not think this way and will appreciate the zen white colour. The texture is between fluffy and balmy, it’s really kinda similar to the Camille Balm Cleanser from The Bodyshop. The scent is delicate and nice, but it actually takes to much of my skins oils , leaving my skin very stripped! I advice this product for people with oily skin! It doesn’t work for me, it worked great for my acne prone daughter Mirte (23y).

Niacinamide Toner Good Molecules

I love this toner! It’s texture is in between water and Hadalabo Hydrating toner. We use it after cleansing when we don’t exfoliate! It has no noticable scent. It feels really hydrating on the skin and the usage is great for blemishes on your skin. It’s our third bottle, we are addicted!

Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Paula’s Choice

My youngest daughter Wade (12y) suffering from blackheads uses this each morning and evening. It keeps her skin great. She’s not yet really consistent in her routine, but when she skips her minimal routine of the Good Molecules Toner and Niacinamide serum from The Ordinary finished with this moisturizer, she breaks out. This combination saves her! It’s a lightweight moisturizer with Niacinamide, Blueberry Antioxidants and Ceramides and exists also with an spf! It’s her second tube!

Anti-Oxidant Pore Purifier Paula’s Choice

I started using this on a daily basis to clear my large pores. It’s a slightly orange liquid gel texture which should be used at the step of your serum. It’s my treatment with BHA, white tea extracts and anti-oxidants. It protects against free radicals from sunlight and pollution! It’s part of my routine which keeps my skin bright with clean pores. In the beginning I combined it with PC’s BHA toner and noticed a big difference in the appearance of my pores. I now use another toner, but kept on using this serum and I didn’t notice any deterioration! I will rebuy!

Resist Anti-Aging Eye cream

I only had this small sample, I really liked it. It’s a creamy texture which is really suitable for aging undereye area. I did buy the Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Eye Cream from PC because I wanted the retinol combined with the ceramides for my eyes! If you don’t need the Retinol, you are fine with this one! It contains ceramides and is really soothing for the undereye area! I would rebuy if I didn’t want to combine with a retinol treatment!

The Buffet serum with copper peptides The Ordinary

I read a lot about this one! Actually I started with the normal Buffet serum and I absolutely liked it in my stash! It gives me a great combo of peptides , amino acids, probiotic system and last but not least hyaluronic acid which I do all need at my age, being almost 50! This one contains the copper peptides which are found in our human plasma decreasing when aging!

Actually I also liked the blue colour! This is a slimy serum, blue colour, a little bit tacky in the beginning but dries out very hydrating on the skin. The only downside to this, is that I don’t really notice a difference with the normal Buffet serum. I do find it working for me in my routine, but I expected a difference. Deciem advices for a stronger effect SubQ skin from Hylamide, and I replaced this serum with the Hylamide. I’ll keep you posted!

The Glow Tonic Pixi*

Can’t live without! I reviewed it earlier, it’s a great AHA toner, mildly exfoliating the upper skin layar! Mirte uses this every day, I use it once a week and we both love it. I notice my skin feeling harder on the outside skipping this chemical exfoliation once a week. My skin seems to have it more difficult to absorb moisture when I don’t exfoliate regularly. It was one of the healthy skin hacks when I started using a more elaborate routine!

Glow Mist Pixi*

This is a bi-fase mist which you should shake before applying! I use it in between the steps in my routines, I use it as a setting spray after my make-up! It gives a really nice glow and it’s really hydrating! It’s also very efficient as a setting spray, and it gives your make-up that unnoticeble extra radiance and helps keeping everything in place! I will certainly rebuy this one!

Hope you find these short reviews useful! Do tell me about your experiences with these products in the comments!

xoxo Ilse

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