I actually notice that my last post were our empties of March! Now we are a month further! Time passes by so quickly! A lot of products emptied during the past month or expired.

Expired Products

Magical Moringa from Lush : I really loved it when I first bought it. Warmed up in your hands it was a lovely natural primer, and make-up sat really good on top! But on top of my skincareroutine it started to pill after a while. I don’t know what happened. So I didn’t reach out to it any more and now it has expired.

Vanishing Cream from Lush : Beautiful natural moisturizer for oily skin, mattified really well leaving you hydrated. Had no scent and no dimethicone or other silicones and really lovely ingrediënts. I only couldn’t finish it, because I tested other moisturizers and needed something richer during winter time. Now it’s expired. A pitty, because I really loved it in summertime when I was al sweaty it did a great job, keeping me matte!

Brow Artist Plumber from L’Oréal : actually I wanted to create brows where there were none, it was impossible with this. It’s good when you need to accentuate your brows and tame them. The color was good for ash blondes, and this is hard to find.


Kadalys Hydramuse moisturizer
I enjoyed this moisturizer so much, I bought two refills! It’s a beautiful natural moisturizer for sensitive and dry skintypes. It’s nourishing, soothing and creamy thanks to the properties of yellow banana, mango butter and hyaluronic acid. Texture is smooth and creamy, but penetrates quickly. I found it suitable for mature skin too! It has a real delicate scent, but fragrances are at the end of the Inci list. To me, it didn’t irritate. This is definately a rebuy!

Niacinamide Toner, Goodmolecules
This is a toner used by all three of us (ages 50, 23 and 12), and we all liked it. We stocked up 3 bottles and in 2 weeks we finished the first. It helps me to keep my pores clean and it’s also gentle and hydrating to my skin. The toner is in between gel and water, I love the texture. Has no scent and even a ferment filtrate, which helps a lot with your skin barrier! Goodmolecules is a skincare brand of Beautylish, and it’s prices are the same as The Ordinary! This is a stayer in our routines!

Buffet, The Ordinary
Certainly a rebuy! This is a mixture of all goodness for aging skin! It has different kinds of peptides in it and a ferment (probiotic complex), mixture of different Hyaluronic Acids. Without peptides, skin doesn’t remain intact and the result is loss of firmness, more wrinkles, texture changes, and less bouncy skin. Combining peptides, proteins are formed and proteins are the fundamental building blocks of skin. If I cancel this in my routine, I notice it after two weeks, if I didn’t replace it with another Multi-source of peptides.

Calm Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30, Paula’s Choice
This SPF lasted me for ages! Even if I used it every day! Sometimes I skip my moisturizer and use this instead. I liked it a lot because I prefer a mineral spf above a chemical one. In the beginning it left me with no whitecast at all, but lately it started pilling and leaving a slight white cast. I suppose the mineral of the SPF has sunk to the bottem and has left this last bit a little different. I don’t know if this is possible, but this is the only explanation I can give. Anyway I would rebuy, but I’m now looking for a more anti-aging SPF!

Dream Overnight Face Serum, Elanskincare
I have a full-size always available. This is an oily face serum with vitamin C. I use it when I have a dull appearance and I’m in need of an extra overnight dose of vitamin C. I mix it with HA for a quickie. For a long routine, I use it as last step mixed in with my moisturizer. It’s a combination of plant oils like pomegranate, sea buckthorn, and oat kernel, combined with  botanical actives: organic rosehip and carrot seeds extracts. It certainly is a rebuy!

Hydration Booster A. Florenceskincare
A lovely combo of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and peptides! A must-have in your stash! It’s a gellish liquid texture, doesn’t leave a tacky feeling and is completely absorbed. I don’t know the effect in the long term, but I’m very curious though to see it’s effects! When I’ve finished my niacinamides on my shelf I’m surely gonna test this one!

Skin Rehab A. Florence Skincare
I ordered the face lotion for sensitised skin and also received a sample of rich face cream. I first started using my sample. It really is a rich cream, which has no scent and has a coffeemilk colour. Main ingrediënt is Murmuru butter, which is rich in vegetable silicones and great for sensitive skin. It has ceramides, centella, oat betaglucan and much more beautiful soothing and nourishing ingrediënts. I used it as part of a PM routine for some days when I had red cheeks from Rosacea. When it happens, I always reach for products I’m absolutely sure of that they can do only good. My Rosacea mildered gradually during the days of usage. I guess it is an absolutely great cream to have in your stash when you suffer from dry skin! For me this is great but not for each evening. I will buy a travel size and hope to finish it before shelflife!

Indigo Soothing Hand Cream, Tatcha
Love the texture and colout of this handcream. Found it to be moisturizing at first. It was a bit tacky and I had to whipe of the innerside of my hands. After an hour or so, my hands didn’t feel comfortable any longer, they appeared to be dryer than before. I thought it was strange. Therefor I checked the ingrediënts. And if you are avoiding mineral oils, you should avoid this one, because it contains Petrolatum as the third ingrediënt. I won’t buy this hand cream, I prefer vegetable oils in my skincare. If you want to know why, read this.

Bring the Zing, Wow You
This was the PM moisturizer of my oldes daughter Mirte, 23 and suffering from Hormonal Acne. She first used Glow to sleep their Retinol moisturizer and liked it a lot and now finished this one. It helps her with her oily skin and break outs. Her acne is under control and she just has an occasional pimple, but not as harsh any more! She will definately replace it!

Intral Redness Relief serum, Darphin
I was so glad this sample was added to my order of Douglas, you cannot imagine! This pink gorgeous bottle has been eying on me for so long! Since I suffer from Rosacea I thought it would be perfect for me! I thought it might be my holy grail! It is a watery substance with a medium floral scent. It soaks in really wonderfull and isn’t tacky. I only used it 3 times, so I can’t speak about the long term. But what I do know is that I’m not gonna buy this! It irritates my skin! Sometimes I don’t understand mostly French brands! They add fragrance to products who should absolutely avoid fragrances! And this is the perfect example! So glad I first tried this sample, so I can spend my money to less expensive and more efficient products.

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