My secrets to winter glowing skin!

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Some of my hydrating heroes!

Winter conditions can be very harsh for your skin! The fridget and blistery wheather outside and the warm dry air in our houses make your skin adapt to the climate continuously. Chapped lips, red dry spots on your cheeks, red nose how can we avoid these inconveniences?

I give you some saviours which will change your skin from drab to fab!

A. Little changes to your skincareroutine

Switch to non-foaming cleansers

Foaming cleansers are more drying than non-foaming cleansers. Try an oil cleanse or a cream cleanse or a gel cleanse, but really avoid bubbles!

Use hydrating toners and hydrating serums

Maybe you were using an acid toner, well switch to a toner having main scope hydration! The same for serums! Look in the ingrediënt list and search for hyaluronic acid.

Try a heavier moisturizer

Avoid gels and lotions as they contain more preservatives and alcohols that may dry out your skin. Search for a moisturizer cream which has a positive effect on the skin barrier. If you don’t want to change moisturizer because it’s your holy grail than another option may be add some drops of a hydrating face oil to your own moisturizer!

Use an overnight hydrating mask

These days you find lots of brands making overnight sleeping masks which you can put after your PM skincare routine and leave on during nighttime.

In this way all the beneficial ingrediënts have all night time to work their way into your skin leaving you in the morning as plumped and hydrated as a baby!

Layer your skincare products

Now is the time to abandon your cleanser/one product routine for a decent layering routine. The minimum you should strive to during winter is: cleanse – tone – (exfoliate )- treat – moisture-spf. Try to exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week or use a gentle exfoliator like lactic acid on a daily basis.
If you build up several layers of care, your skin remains protected during a longer period.

Use a lipbalm

Lips being the most delicate part of your face, suffer the most from freaky weather! So don’t give winter the chance to ruin your beautifully plumped lips and use a good lipbalm!

A good lipbalm avoids nasty ingrediënts and uses or plant based oils if vegan, or bees wax or lanolin (wool wax). You can put the lipbalm also onto flaky spots on your face to give them extra protection!

Don’t overuse, you might get the opposite result than what you are aiming for!

B. Drink enough water

Not only does your skin needs to be hydrated from the outside, above all it needs its hydration from the inside. So please drink enough water or herbal infusions.

C. Avoid long exposure to hot water

Contradictionary a long hot bath isn’t very good for our skin! Even if we think we might need it when we come home from a long cold day! Actually the hot water leaches out all the water-soluable moisturing factors out of our skin, when you remain during a long time soaking in your bathtub!

D. Cure your hands

Your face and your hands are the bodyparts that are most exposed to the climate, therefor they both need extra attention!

For your hands this means scrubbing them, cure the nails and cuticles and hydrate them. In wintertime your handcream can be a bit heavier than during spring or summer!

E. Don’t forget your SPF

Yeah wright… No I’m serious, we really underestimate the influence of sunrays. Even in winter with cloudy weather I’m wearing SPF, it’s nothing more than a habit.

The sun is aging enemy number one! Moreover if there is snow, all the UV-rays become reflected and your face absorbs double dose! So better end your skincareroutine with a broad spectrum SPF for the face factor 30 at least!