Native Essentials: A short introduction

Native Essentials developed a two step beautyroutine for the woman who doesn’t have much time and who wants to do everything efficiently, even her beautyroutine. Native Essentials have in this moment 8 supercharged products.

The routine takes only 2 steps: water + oil for day and night! Simple isn’t it?

I was instructed this routine before by Joanna from Elan Skincare London, who informed me to use 3 drops of their Dream Hyaluronic Acid and add 1 or 2 drops of their Wonder serum (oil).

I was really fine with it!

So important with this method is that your water element and your oil element are charged with the right actives! Native Essentials charge the water ingrediënt with water soluble plant extracts, anti-oxidants, probiotics and phyto-complex. The oil ingrediënt with essential oils, lipid derived anti-oxidants and vitamins. Working in this way means elimination of emulsifiers and solubilizers to bind water and oil. This is extremely benificial for your skin!

Native Essentials use 100% natural or botanical ingrediënts thoughtfully chosen for their high performance!

I was able to test their Nourish + Repair kit with the HAE light moisturizer and SHAANT regenerating oil. They advise in the morning using only HAE and in the evening HAE followed by SHAANT. I used AM and PM first HAE, the moisturizer followed by SHAANT the face oil.



HAE Light moisturizer
This is a very lightweight cream, odorless for me, which is absorbed really quickly on my skin
SHAANT face oil
This is an orange oil which goes on easily and absorbs well, it doesn’t leave your skin oily! The most beautifull aspect of this face oil is its oriental spicy yet fresh scent! It gives me the relaxing feeling I think you should experience taking care of yourself during your AM or PM routine.


HAE Light moisturizer
Contains Glycoin, which is a time release hydration and cell boosting active. There’s Aloe Vera, Probiotics, Anti-oxidant flavanoid Baicalin, phytosterols and vitamin B8. The oils in this moisturizer are squalane and Sacha Inci oil, known for stimulating effect on collegen and elastin.
SHAANT face oil
This is a powerfull blend of rosehip, sea buckthorn, safflower oils and CO2 extracts, vitaminC, Sacha Inci, Pomegranate and Marula oil and extracts. It contains also essential oils for their effects and scent.

My Experience

I really enjoyed using this combo. I did need the SHAANT twice a day, due to my dry skin. Sometimes I mixed both in the palm of my hand and applied them together.
The scent of SHAANT is extremely relaxing, it’s really a nice oil to use with a jade roller or a gua sha taking your time to massage your face. Even quitting all my serums and essences for a while, my skin continued feeling balanced. I had no particular worries, it wasn’t too dry or too oily, and I didn’t have any break-outs.
I can be sensitive to essential oils, but this wasn’t the case. But please patch try before using, when you are sensitive to ingrediënts like essential oils.
My fine lines remained like they were (=under control) but they didn’t become worse. This means it is a decent routine to treat +40 skin, because I always treat my skin very well! I experienced a natural glow and didn’t appear oily!


If you want to simplify your routine, you surely should check them out. They offer solutions for each type of skin. On their website you can also take a quiz to see which products could be appropriate! I enjoyed them very much!

Products were gifted, but opinion is mine!

xoxo Ilse

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