Sumptuous cleansing butter The Body Shop – Cleansing Balm Good Molecules

I recently tried the Sumptuous cleansing butter from the Body Shop. In the shop it left my skin really smooth. I loved the experience. The texture was really lovely, buttery and upon touch of your face transforming in oily, just the way it should be for a balm. The scent was delicate but beautiful. So I took one home. But after a while of usage, my skin always felt a bit stretched out and itchy after usage. I then started using the cleanser of Freshly Cosmetics, which isn’t drying at all, interchanging cleansers for dry skin.โ 

With Black Friday I bought some stuff at Beautylish and I got a sample of the instant cleansing balm of GoodMolecules. Opening it I saw it had the same texture as the one from The Body Shop. I compared the ingrediรซnts the three first ingrediรซnts were completely the same and they both contain shea butter. The rest of the ingrediรซnts is a little different, but this cleansing balm was also very drying for me too!โ 

I really wanted to love them, but I gave them to my oldest daughter, maybe they are better suited for her as she has oily skintype.โ 

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