Beauty Opportunities in Belgium

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Hello precious readers of our blog!

Since a year we started blogging and posting about skincare on WordPress and Instagram. We wanted to share our experiences with skincare and make-up, communicate with soulmates, search information about keeping your skin youthfull. To do this it was necessary to buy more skincare, invest in a camera and accessories and learn how to publish beautiful pictures and intresting stories. We hoped after a while we would be an intresting channel for brands to show their products and for soulmates to be informative.

We reached out to several brands to collaborate. We are very lucky some beautiful brands wanted to join us on our journey, but still a lot of them don’t. It seems as if being located in the United States, Great-Brittain, Australia or New-Zealand is by far better to collaborate than being in Belgium. A lot of brands contact us, but when they hear they should ship to Belgium, all communication stops.


Us being situated in Belgium gives great opportunities! And that’s what we wanted to inform in this article.

Belgium might be a small country but it’s the host country for many producers of skincare. What you buy, might have been developed in Belgium! It has very advanced chemical industries who also try to find natural alternatives for existing products.

The Belgian beauty market is totally different than America, Asia, Africa or Australia. But it’s an ideal testmarket for the rest of Europe*:
– on average we have a large purchasing power (higher than average)
– we are well informed, in full knowledge people
– Belgium is a major logistical hub
– we are on average outward facing multilingual persons
– Brussels is the home of many European Institutions

Good to know is that 53,2% * (2016, now even more) of our online purchases are done abroad.

There is, on my opinion a large opportunity for cosmetic specialty stores in Belgium to improve their sales and to remain ahead of the demand.

Very much raved about skincare brands are unavailable in these specialty stores. There is no such thing as a Sephora in Belgium. Specialty stores were selling above all perfume. Now the segment in their sales of skincare and make-up is rising. But they still run behind of what people see on social media!

Skincare is mostly sold in Pharmacies and Specialty stores. Skincare brands can sell a lot online in Belgium, as the direct distribution segment cannot satisfy completely the needs of consumers.


Belgian Beautybloggers, believe in yourselves! You are the key to change our beautymarket! Niche Skincare and Make-up producers, contact Belgian beautybloggers to show your visibility in Belgium, to penetrate this market which is at the start of a whole changement and take profit of this expanding market!

xoxo Ilse

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