Empties of December 2020

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This was skincare finished in December 2020, I share my findings.
Empties December 2020

Hi Guys, I’m so late describing my empties of December 2020! I also have a lot of products which come back several times during the year! Like the Pixi Glow Tonic, or Good Molecules Niacinamide toner or the Speak Deo. If you don’t mind, please find my reviews on this blog!

You can probably guess, that if I keep restocking a product I must like it!

I would love to talk about the ones that are first empties!

Bamboology, Sakura Cleansing Balm

This is from a Spanish concern, named NicheBeautyLab. They produce skincare for other famous brands but they now release skincare themselves too at an economical price tag! I got this offered together with some other products of this line!

We loved the cleansing balm. It felt nice on the skin, it melted good it emoliated good and it also removed make-up very well! The scent was lovely and not overwhelming, which is nice too! Our skin didn’t feel stripped, we enjoyed it very much! It’s a pitty it’s finished!

Brave New Hair, Keratin hair mask

This is a hair mask without dimethicone, nor other silicones. I got it in a Blissim description box last year. I really enjoyed this mask! It felt good for my hair! I could compare it too Briogeo conditioner No Frizz and Lush conditioner Candy Rain exept for the scent which isn’t that remarkable. Not that I did not like it, but it is more to the neutral side. This is a real good mask for real dry hair!

Paula’s Choice, Resist Anti-Aging Repairing Toner

I so enjoyed this toner! It contains peptides and resveratrol . Resveratrol is more a protector against environment than an anti-wrinkle agent as retinol. But I like to use a lot of anti-oxidants, so this was really ok!
I never experienced dryness using this toner and I never experienced any pilling. This was a good toner, I noticed switching to others what a difference in hydration a toner can make!

A. FLorence Skin Rehab Light

I ordered this in a bottle, I should have ordered it in a tube and I will next time! Actually this was my skin savior the latest months of cold! It’s key ingredients are Beta Glucan, Centella and Ceramides. I used it mainly because of the Ceramides, which I experienced to be needing at this age of 50y. This moisturizer doesn’t feel really creamy or so and took a little to absorb, but really fed my skin! No layer, just plump skin! Can’t describe it in any other way! My skin could feel dry, itchy, normal, tight, greasy, red or irritated, once finishing my routine with Rehab it felt great! Redness of course didn’t disappear in a hocus pocus, but I didn’t feel the irritation any more! It could calm any nasty skin irritation! Therefor I loved it! I bought it in summertime, therefor choose the light version, but I didn’t use it as much in summertime. It’s over 6 months old and it doesn’t come out of the bottle any more with the pump! Therefor I need to get rid of it! Hope to see it back soon! Next time, tube packaging!

Flow, Bilberry Moisture Cream

I loved this moisturizer too! It’s full of antioxidants and it helps with oily skin! I adored it in summertime and finished it the last months when my skin felt a little oily. It’s a lightweight cream with a beautiful light yellow colour. I’m now needing a more specific anti-aging cream ideally with anti-oxidants, ceramides and peptides. Still looking for the perfect one! The downside of this cream is the glass bottle with pump. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally about sustainability! But being able to use each product to the end is also sustainable. I don’t know about alternatives, but I think I prefer a glass container to both of these pump systems! Anyway the product itself is marvellous! If you have oily skin and want to protect your skin, you could be very good with this one! If you matter, it does contain essential oils, which I adored!

If you see a product and want to know about it, please comment below!

xoxo Ilse