Bilberry Moisture Cream – Flow Cosmetics

This moisture cream should be a moisture cream for all skin types. I tested it for several weeks. I have a really dry skin with some fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s a really lightweight moisture cream that sinks in right away. It has a delicate fresh scent of lavender and citrus fruit.

Arctic berries seed oil, sunflower oil, lavender water, argan oil , sheabutter and lactic acid
Bilberry seed oil: improves cellular renewment, skin reïnforcement, protects against pollution and contains some good fatty acids who improve skintexture
It also contains some essential oils of lavender, geranium and neroli. These regulate sebum production.

My experiences:
It absorbs completely and fast. I need 1,5 to 2 pumps for my face, as I have dry skin. Oily and combination skin will surely have enough with 1 pump of product.
The immediate effect of the cream was hydration! After some weeks my skin felt also more resilient, it appeared brighter en fine lines looked less deep.
Because I used two pumps, I experimented using a face-oil. I experienced this for me in particular more hydrating and I was fully able to enjoy the benefits of the cream. Because beyond moisturize, it is anti-pollution and anti-wrinkle.
With only a drop of face oil my skin was hydrated during the whole day!
I really enjoyed this moisturizer, it’s absolutely non greasy! It’s really well suited for oily to combination skin. For dry skin I recommend mixing in a face oil or a hyaluronic acid serum.

Korento Vitamin Infused Lip and Cheek tint – cloudberry

Korento is a make-up brand sold on the website of Flow-cosmetics that promises same results as functional make-up but with only natural, healthy biological ingrediënts. I got a chance to try the Lip and Cheek tint. These have 2 vegan varieties and one of them is the one I tested, cloudberry.

Cloudberry Lip and cheek tint

I started using it as a blush. I tried with a flatbrush turning it on the blush itself and then putting it on my cheeks. I wasn’t really satisfied with the result. Now I circle my finger on the surface of the pot and then pad it on my cheeks, just until I have the wanted appearance of the blush. Afterwards I set it with my usual setting powder. I like it very much! It has beautiful caring ingrediënts for the skin, such as their Berry Active Complex. It gives a warm brown nude nude blush shade, which fades out beautifully.

I’m an absolute fan of the application on the cheeks.

On the other hand, I used my finger to apply it on my lips and it’s actually not that covering. It gives a sheen of brown orange on the lips, but doesn’t look really pigmented. I also tried appliance with a lip brush, but in this way I hadn’t the impression I really was transporting product. It does feel really nourishing for the lips, so I would define it as a coloured lip tint, but not a lipstick in a jar. Anyway, the productname is really correct!

As a liptint I do like it a lot! Definately in my purse instead of my tinted lipbalm! It also immediately gives a addition of colour to the face in case you left without a trace of make-up!

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