Full review of all my empties shown in previous Instagram Post

A whole lot of empties

With three ladies in the house we consume a lot of skincare! Normally my oldest daughter Mirte lives in Leuven, but due to Covid19 she’s also home with us since March 2020. Wade, our youngest, is nearly 13 she starts to suffer from blemishes and is using some products too! Most of the products are emptied by Mirte, good to know is that she’s acne prone and has oily skin! If you have the same skintype you can relate, if not just bare this in mind!

But actually in the picture are included also some stuff I decluttered! Reasons for the decluttering vary. Continue reading if you want to know all about it!


Avene HYDRANCE INTENS REHYDRATEREND SERUM : I used this sample once, but I just don’t like the scent of it. All the products are scented. I never have a problem with scented, unless it irritates me or I don’t like it. Furthermore I didn’t experience a very hydrating feeling. Some products I do like from Avène.

Tonic Delicate Flowers, by L’Oreal⁠. This tonic has a gorgeous scent, but artificial. I bought it before I was into skincare, using these kinds of products. Let me say, if you don’t experience problems with this, and it gives you great skin, don’t discontinue the usage! But it was left since 2 years unused and half empty on my vanity, so I decided to through it away! The scent was still beautiful!

Cleansing gel for sensitive skin from Mixa. The use of this gel irritated my skin so I quit using it! This was 2 years ago, so I guess you know why I decluttered!

Bio Oil used by Mirte for stretchmarks. It didn’t work, I used it afterwards because it isn’t cheap, but it didn’t work for me neither! I don’t know why because it receives very good reviews and results worldwide! I decided to declutter, because it containes paraffinum, a petrolatum which I prefer not to use! Anyway they released a totally natural version in the second half of this year!

Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Balm Revitalising Supreme @esteelauder⁠ : this cream was my first encounter with more luxurious skincare. This was a mini which I received in a lotery at the local tennisclub! But boy I enjoyed it. I really understood that taking care of my face would make a difference in how my skin looked like! I don’t say you have the result of a face lift, but surely fine lines will reduce with a good eye cream, because they mainly are caused by lack of collagen and elastin, but adding hyaluronic acid already makes a huge difference! I would have rebought this cream, back than if it didn’t cost more than 60 euro for 15ml. I started searching for good skincare that didn’t cost the earth and that’s where my fascination began!

@clinique  Liquid facial soap, mild for dry, combination skin. I used this as a cleanser for a long time⁠ until I started to experience redness in my face! I banned products with SLS out of my routine, and this was one of them. Because it was from Clinique I kept it on my shelf, but it’s there since ages now, this can’t be good any longer! I banned SLS out of my shampoo’s, my showergel, my facial cleansers and actually a lot of my skinconcerns disappeared. If I”m in need of a product containing surfactants, I try to verify if they use gentle vegetal ones!

Revitalising foam wash from @atelierrebulbenelux  I have to thank them, because they where the first to hand over a PR package to me! It was early 2018 when I first wrote an e-mail to some brands I was intrested in, they stood at my doorstep with a package some minutes later! After that they started working with bigger and younger Belgian influencers and our roads seperated. This was part of that first package! This cleansing foam didn’t work that well for me, the rest of their line did, I kept it for a very long time out of nostalgia, but now it is time to say goodbye!


Oil cleansing from @hadalabotokyo : this is finished and rebought! The user is Mirte (23y), she’s in love with this cleansing oil. It’s a very light cleansing oil and emoliates very well! It leaves her skin hydrated, but eliminates sebum very well. A surplus is that it has a very reasonable price! Sometimes I use it too, and it’s really lovely!

Oil cleansing from @caudalie : this is finished and rebought also by Mirte. The bottle was used for another oil without a pump and therefor it is only now in our empties! I started using it, I liked it a lot and recommended double cleansing and oil cleansing to my daughter. It has a really light almond scent. She started with this one. She liked it, it emoliates very well and doesn’t strip the skin. Since we like trying skincare to compare after 3 rebuys she switched to the Hadalabo one, because it’s half the price of this one! You can buy Caudalie through our affiliate links to Skinstore in the USA! In Belgium you can find it in a lot of Pharmacies or in their on-line store!

All nighter ultra matte by @urbandecaycosmetics was bought and rebought. Searched for a setting spray which kept Mirte matte, but she ALWAYS returns to this one! She prone to acne and has oily skin, she swears by this setting spray as its the only one that really keeps her matte and in place! In Belgium or the Netherlands you can buy it at Ici Paris XL or at Douglas. For UK and the rest of the world you can find it at Cultbeauty .

Retinol tonic and H2O skindrink are from ⁠@pixibeauty – @pixibeautyuk . This is a tonic Mirte uses, it is one step in her routine which helps controlling her break-outs! We include retinol, BHA and AHA in her routine and of course a light moisturizer. This combination helps her a lot! She really likes the Retinol tonic! The H2O skindrink is a gel moisturizer which she finished and liked a lot. It was a mini, she would rebuy if it included SPF!

Chamomille and Rosehip calming daycream @paiskincare ! I used it completely and I’m very disappointed that it’s finished! It has a creamy yellow texture, most probably due to the rosehip! It’s a light cream but its really soothing and I noticed it really helped with redness caused by my Rosacea. It doesn’t contain dimethicone which I like and it’s certified organic. It has really hydrating mostly plant ingrediënts and therefor vegan! It’s ideal to restore your skinbarrier after over usage of acids! Thumbs up for this soothing and restoring moisturizer.😀😀 🎉⁠

Resveratol @apot.care , this is a line with single actives! I received this as a sample. It’s most beautiful packaging because each active had another colour. But for single actives I found it expensive. The sample was too little to know exactly what it did! It was fun using though but for 30ml it costs 59euro, compared to the Ordinary it’s a lot! But they have a nice service on their website! You fill out a form and it tells you which serums you can use for your routine to have a personal routine which suits you! Link (not affiliated)

Water Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer Paula’s Choice : I used this one. I liked it a lot! It is a very lightweight moisturizer, it feels very refreshing on the skin and has a white cream texture. It somehow dissolves on the skin and gets absorbed in an instant, leaving your skin moistured! It’s for dehydrated skin but too light for dry skin! Perfect for oily or combination skin types with a lack of hydration! It has no scent at all, like most of PC’s products. It does contain dimethicone, but it doesn’t feel slippery or too slidy! If you are on the dry side, you can add a drop of face-oil!

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