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My way to a cleaner deo

I had a lot of troubles with my armpits, due to the use of deo’s which I couldn’t tolerate. I wanted to get rid of propellant spray cans. All the above and many more I tried, but each with different and painful result.

Lekker in een potje

It’s Dutch for “Something yumme in a jar”. I found it in Albert Heyn, a Dutch supermarket. It was so quetely packaged and was a natural deo. The ingredients are baking soda, biological corn starch, shea butter, coconut oil, rapeseed wax, vitamin E, sunflower oil and ethereal oil.
At first sight everything looked ok.

After using this cream for some weeks, I started to have rather big ulcers in my armpit, which hurt very badly. Every day it was getting worse, until I stopped using Lekker in een potje.

I start reading about the ingredients and learned that baking soda can be very harch on some persons, obviously me….. But I gave it to my friend, explaining she had to be careful, and she loves it!

Salt of the earth

Instead of rubbing I decided to spray again but without propellant. And there was Salt of the earth. All natural and it is made of Potassium Alum, or known as Aluminium Salt. I bought the one with vanilla lavender scent. In the beginning I didn’t like the wet effect when you spray, it has to dry. When you’re in a hurry it’s not ok! But the I got over it and started enjoying. After a few weeks my skin reacted in the same way as with “Lekker in een potje”, stopped using it and irritation gone!

Another gift, for my friend!


Then came Nuud with micro silver. There was a lot of information on Instagram about this new brand. I started reading about it and it actually had beautiful promises. They promise a completely innocent product which should be extremely efficient.
The say it’s safe for body and planet, there is no aluminium, no alcohol, no parabenes, no propellant and no fragrances. It ‘s cruelty free. It leaves no whitecast and it’s odourless. Above all the tube is made of sugar cane and packaging of cardboard. It should be efficient for 3 to 7 days, you use a very small bit so it lasts you for ages. It nutralizes bacteria and therefor protects you from bad smell.

When I first tried it, I smelled myself and it wasn’t nice. It’s not the usual scent of old sweat (which couldn’t) but just a repellant smell. Nuud informed me I was detoxing from my previous deo’s, and the problem should be solved in a few weeks. So I overdosed of fragrance every morning I went to work for several weeks! But there was no improvement whatsoever, so I stopped using it!

Anyone who is fine with it can DM on our Instagram, if you pay the postal charges I’ll send our stock to you for free!


This one, 09 deodorant cream, really, it cured the rash I had from all the above. It contains arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and magnesium with a combination of butters and oils. It is only lightly scented with lavender essential oil. For me this is the solution after a desperate search of one year. I have no troubles at all with bad smell, my pits feel fresh and moisturized, and I can wear a parfume on top without interfering with a too obvious scent of my deo. This one is really great! I’m in love , thank you Speak!


If you have sensitive skin, please watch out with natural deo’s. Watch carefully their ingrediĆ«nt lists and avoid backing soda and potassium aluminium. If you want to test micro silver, don’t buy to big portions in once, check if it’s suitable!

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xoxo Ilse