Empties of August

In August I didn’t have so many empties! But the last months everything seemed to empty, so luckily this trend has disappeared! I did have some empties of which I’ve been missing a substitution!

Touchland Power Mist

Hands down, this is the best sanitizer I’ve ever come accros! Usually you have a disgusting feeling when you need to sanitize your hands due to the alcohol scent and the dry feeling that comes with it!

With Touchland it’s a whole different story! The moment you use it, you’re in wonderland of scents! Really it’s such a great sensual experience! I never experienced dryness even with the alcohol it contains! They add beautiful moisturizers to the mist, which actually don’t dry your hands! I really loved using it!

One downside! It finished so soon! The packaging is very small, but beautiful! With the hot weather I have the feeling it damped away!

Good Molecules Niacinamide Toner

This is our third bottle! It’s such a hydrating toner! It also works wonders on my large pores! I was so disappointed it finished again, but today my refill arrives! Actually I feel quite a crazy person, living in Belgium and ordering a toner in USA! It must explain my love for the Niacinamide Toner! This is also possible because Beautylish clears its customs for you! The difference in money is huge, because Belgium Customs always applies a fine (22€ and more) on top of its percentage of customs! When the transporter does this in advance for you, there is no fine!

Earth Harbor Tidal Rose

I love Earth Harbor! They have such great products! This is one of them! I really enjoyed the mist! It was very hydrating. I used it as a refreshing mist during summer time, as hydrating toner during my skincare and as a fixing spray! For all these purposes it was great! When I received the bottle the liquid was of a light rose colour, but after a while it became colorless! I don’t know why it was!

I would definately repurchase this if Earth Harbor managed to clear customs in advance, but a lot of brands don’t do this. Probably because they don’t have the large amount of export that a beautyshop has! So I don’t blame them, it’s just a pitty!

Pixi Glow Tonic

Again, a finished bottle of this toner! I think you know my enthousiasm when the empties swing out our doors! I must admit, I’m very careful with acids, with my aged skin, with the tendency to getting dry and/or red! I use acids depending on my skin condition! Sometimes I can really feel dead skin needs to be removed, this happens once or twice a week! My daughters use it daily! Putting Pixi glow tonic in or out their routine is a great difference in them breaking out! They have acne prone skin. They also use niacinamide and BHA and they hydrate very well! If they stick well to their routine, they manage to keep blemishes at bay! I think I will propose them the new blue Pixi serum!

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra and C-Tango

Actually I can be very short! These came in a set which I bought at Cult Beauty at Christmas last year. I kept them until the beginning of August to use them, I really looked forward to it! It’s too late to contact Cult Beauty, but they were empty!

I pumped and pumped, almost a hundred times, finally opened the packaging, to notice there was nothing in it! To be short, B-hydra is a lovely hydrating serum and I like it a lot, but I think it’s too expensive.
C-tango is a lovely eye cream, but I used it too little and this was a packaging to form my opinion, unfortunately it didn’t work out. My first impression was that I loved the texture, it was very soothing but I wondered if it also decongested my undereyearea. It’s for another time!

Hope you liked my short reviews about the empties! Next month more, there are some nice empties!

xoxo Ilse

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